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  1. Movie/TV recommendations

    Re: automation - sure, no specific button, but macros and such like. I will chase it up with some BBC eds I can tap. As for the other, I might give it another watch, and see if the o&t has such an impact. I did enjoy the film, just felt my mind wandering. Perhaps I wasn't in the mood.
  2. Books, books, books...

    Just started reading, "Treasure Islands: Tax Havens and the Men Who Stole the World". It's predictably infuriating.
  3. Life

    Some of these are great! ^
  4. Movie/TV recommendations

    I'm not so sure TP. The beauty of computers is that tasks can be set up to easily repeatable, quickly. The nature of digitisation means that that can be somewhat automated and by extension, pre-digitisation was a lot more skilful. That isn't to denigrate video editors, as that is a skilfull job - but that colourisation aspect not so. O&T = bad because it is so prevalent. You could argue it's a phase, but I agree with that blog dude: it's lazy. As for drive - perhaps I could be persuaded that they were taking the piss with the OTT O&T stuff - it seemed really glaring.
  5. Movie/TV recommendations

    Has anyone seen 'Drive'? A friend described it to me as 'fucking mint' and 'the best film I [he] have seen all year [2011]'. So I watched it. Good story, but it dragged a bit in between the action bits. I even paused it and wondered off to do some other stuff before coming back to finish it. So, meh in some parts, but allofasuddenitspeedsupandeverythinghappensallatonce. Those bits were good. BUT! What I couldn't work out was whether the film-makers were taking the piss or not. We've all read the Teal and Orange thing - this film seems to take it to another level. When I spotted it I thought, "Are they trying to make a point? Really, really shoving it in your face? Or are they actually doing it to make it 'pop'" Reason? They haven't just coloured it teal and orange. No. They've got things like TEAL wallpaper and ORANGE lighting in a scene. Once you notice it in one scene, it's in your face for the rest of the film. So it's not even digitised in. I kind of wanted to believe that it was tongue in cheek, as the film actually seemed quite intelligent in a way, but I came to the conclusion that no, it wasn't ironic O&T. It was just over-the-top-in-your-face-O&T. Fail.
  6. Non-video games

    Just started playing Ticket to Ride on ipad - might get the board game version of it. Quite enjoy it.
  7. So, QWOP, then...

    After toblix's tweet, Nachimir was telling me all about Qwop. It's a funny game. I managed 7.2 meters! Humiliate me with your record scores.
  8. 2012

    NS2 Spyparty GW2
  9. Laws in giving away food in the UK?

    Very laudable. All the best with that initiative, the amount that is thrown away is disgusting. I've heard (a.n.other) supermarket deliberately spoils their food before chucking it - possibly to avoid legal issues, possibly just so that ppl can't eat for free. There are already charities in various areas that cater (ahaha) for this kind of thing, and I'm sure they'd love to talk to a civic minded gentleman such as yourself.
  10. Recently completed video games

    I found that it flowed a lot more pleasingly. Perhaps they had widened the timing window to make it easier! The quick gadget actions definitely helped here - maybe the greater variety has given the illusion of better fighting, and my perception has been successfully fooled! Even if so, it has worked, because my perception is all that matters when I'm playing it
  11. PS Vita

    Just as an aside, Sin, everywhere seems to say Vita has better battery than 3DS. Otherwise, I think you've nailed it - instant gaming is catered for on my iphone/ipad amply. The game quality is rising all the time and is staggering. The DSlite came at a time when these were not around, and did it well: instant boot & load near enough. Also, I was a little disappointed to see the price point of Vita games - 25-40 GBP. In addition, I've moved towards only carrying 1 device: At one point I had my T39, my iriver H320 and my PSP to lug about. Now it is merely my phone, and I'm unwilling to go back!
  12. Movie/TV recommendations

    The Devil's Double - this is a story based on Latif Yahia who was chosen by Uday Hussein to be a stand in. It follow's Latif's compressed 4 years of life and his eventual escape. Pretty dark in some places, but actually helluva good.
  13. Recently completed video games

    Just finished Drake 3. Great game, shame about the ending. In fact, was pretty much the same as the ending to the 2nd one. I think 2nd was my fave, the story was mega. The story in the 3rd was good (by other game standards) by mediocre by it's own high ones. Enjoyable. Batman:AC - very good game, also very enjoyable. Fighting much improved.
  14. Life

    Japan in 10 days! P.s. Nappi - the 6th is the time you are supposed to take down the Chrissy decs.
  15. PS Vita

    On second thoughts, I might spend the money on a nice Go board instead.
  16. Hidden in plain sight

    Anyone played this yet? Looks pretty mint. I don't have enough friends who love games any more though
  17. Life

    Took Westie out today - first time since it was broken and been fettled. Bit chilly, but lovely sunshine. Fucking mint. Roads were a bit greasy, wheels were spinning in 3rd under hard acceleration, making the vehicle snake down the road a little. Exciting and no mistake!
  18. Breaking Bad

    Interesting. Just finished the Sporanos, and I grew to really dislike Tony... and Walt. He is just a douche. I really like Jesse though!
  19. Life

    If you make it to La Manc, I will try to make it up to see ya, as I'm only 3/4 hr away. Failing that, if you're in London, there's a chance I may be. Outside one that though. In other news, the Westfield has been a learning experience. The day after I brought it back, was a grand day - drove it solidly, scaring the wife, plus exciting other passengers. Then it started acting up - a chap 2 miles from me up the road has been immeasurably helpful. He has the software, the know how, the tools etc. etc. Anyway, most problems sorted, ECU fixed, plug leads replaced, plugs replaced, thermostat replaced, coolant flushed and replaced, exhaust packed and repaired... ready to go (I think!) . Today I did the thermostat and exhaust on my own(!) Learning loads! Here's a video of the first day out in it. Fingers crossed there will be many more
  20. Breaking Bad

    Yes! The 4th series is unbearably tense! Such good writing, really does keep you biting your fingers like no other show. Just finished watching The Sopranos all the way through.
  21. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

  22. World of Goo

    Could have sworn that I've had this on my ipad for about a year...
  23. Unnecessary Comical Picture Thread

    Since you mention Romeo+Juliet, our Baz is currently directing a version of 'The Great Gatsby'.
  24. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    That MW3 sarcasm is some of the lamest sarcasm I've heard.