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  1. Unnecessary Comical Picture Thread

    Edit. Actually, no I can't be bothered after all.
  2. Unnecessary Comical Picture Thread

  3. Life

    My new aeropress arrived this am. It is great.
  4. Unnecessary Comical Picture Thread

    It's this kind of thing that I wish would be the norm again. Just get on with it, stop bitching and moaning about 'entitlement'. Most of the people I know well and hang out with are generally like that. The ones that aren't are generally a load more stressful to be around. Stiff upper-lip what what what.
  5. Bastion

    I bought this game on the strength of someone saying good things about in another thread - perhaps it was the recently completed one. Have to say, I'm enjoying it. Nice, relaxing RPG-lite game, with a backstory that doesn't bludgeon you with details. Just completed the Bastion, which I assume is about halfway through?
  6. Movie/TV recommendations

    Perfect, thanks!
  7. Movie/TV recommendations

    Ok, I need a recommendation of a good 3D movie - i.e. one that actually uses 3D to good effect. I want to try it out on my tv. Do any exist? Obviously there's Avatar (), and I've heard good things of Despicable Me, but I've seen it twice and can't be bothered again. Any takers?
  8. Life

    Well, I'm not sure they became 'Brits' directly after that. Just above the Iceni in that map became the kingdom of Mercia for a while, and that was at odds with the SE of the country (where the first 'kings' declared themselves I think), and identified themselves as 'Mercians'. Anyway. What Nachimir said.
  9. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    It does amaze me that such a sophisticated society that upholds respect for others above pretty much anything else will listen to such pap. I loved being in Japan. It felt so right.
  10. Movie/TV recommendations

    Well, not really. You put forth an argument as to why it should be no longer an issue. It (T'n'O, not your argument ) bothers me to the point that I can't accept it. It would have been better had it not been pointed out about in the first place.
  11. Movie/TV recommendations

    Haha! Yup! To the extent that Baron-Cohen's character has a teal uniform
  12. Life

    Buying lots of power tools and loving it
  13. Movie/TV recommendations

    Immortals. Waste of electricity.
  14. Life

    Mum has Alzheimer's. Should I be watching this?
  15. Life

    I noticed that the Guild Wars 2 'Collector's Ultra Edition' or whatever the shit, is £129! Fools and their money... (Says he pissing money away on fuel for stupid cars )
  16. Recently completed video games

    Yeah, well that's just like, your opinion, man.
  17. Recently completed video games

    I'd never heard of Bastion, and have just bought it on the strength of your few words. It sounds fun!
  18. Recently completed video games

    I've just finished Wipeout HD (and Fury). The last few golds had been eluding me for a while on 'phantom'. Top game.
  19. Life

    It fucking stinks. Been invited to submit CV for 38 degrees... I mean to do my best