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  1. That doesn't sound good. I'm playing on hard - wiped a few times already. Yet to reach 4.
  2. I have my old 4870 sat in a box if you're interested. 20 quid.
  3. It'll run on a 2010 Dual Core laptop (HP4510s), if that helps.
  4. But this is very true. I think on L2, I have a rusty machete and crap one-handed maul. (Perhaps that's too kind. It's more of a stone tied to a stick). I felt grateful for finding the machete, disgarding the blunt knife I had been forced to use until then (which in turn, I had been excited about finding!). Before that I was using the torches.
  5. Has anyone rolled a mage in their party? It bugged me a bit that he was so useless until he got his first level. Couldn't do anything.
  6. That shit me up totally. Really liking the atmosphere. Making me jump.
  7. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    I wonder if they accidentally washed the white panda costume with that guy's suit once.
  8. Also, my party just got wiped. I backed into a dead end. The monsters are going to be tough. I'm on the 2nd level of the dungeon.
  9. It's combinations of runes, that you can try. However, it seems some just won't work until you have the right number of points in the element. The manual says some scrolls will give you rune combos, others can be found via experimentation. But I'm liking your commentary on the party bickering. Not something I've thought about before.
  10. It kind of is, if you consider that another type of dungeon crawler is turn-based.
  11. Movie/TV recommendations

    Seems it's already started.
  12. I might be interested. 'Might' only, because my time is not entirely reliable, and I can't commit to a regular weekly session due to my job, and the campsite that I run with my wife when not doing that. I do like the game though but the computer continually rinses me by sapping my strength with constant pirate attacks and a massive rush from one of the other races. From this you can probably deduce that I am pretty dire at it, but would be willing to play one-off matches against other humans. This would be slightly more attainable than a long haul game. I only say this as I have no wish to start something that you are stoked about and then cry off halfway through. Cards on the table and all that
  13. Movie/TV recommendations

    Think the first ep airs in about 5 days or something. The end of the 2nd series was a right punch in the guts.
  14. Molyneux interview about 22 Cans

    Bemoan their flaccid joysticks.
  15. Molyneux interview about 22 Cans

    Yeh, it was this bit that made me sit up. It's a simple idea, and might spawn something marvellous. Pretty brave too.
  16. Movie/TV recommendations

    I'll probably let it go on for a few weeks and catch up in one big lot. Really looking forward to the new series of The Big C. It's always made me laugh at times, and countless times I've found that I had something in my eye. Not quite the same power as 'This is England...' to go from crying to laughter, but still great.
  17. Molyneux interview about 22 Cans

    I've always liked him. To an outsider looking in, I always remember the games like Populous and Syndicate, Magic Carpet etc. and never knew the insider gossip that seemed in some quarters to turn him into a bit of a laughing stock. I never played Fable, as I could never be bothered - it came out when I was feeling really jaded about games. The Movies was his last game that I played I think - and it was great. So the later stuff when he was this 'hype-machine' as he is always described as, I avoided, and reading stuff on here, I felt a bit sorry for him. He always got this bad press and looked like a bit of a lost child, bewildered as to where it all went wrong. Great article Nach, and it's good to see he's not finished yet.
  18. Movie/TV recommendations

    Eh? It's only at Ep 15 isn't it?
  19. Unnecessary Comical Picture Thread

  20. I looked three pages back. Sorry
  21. Movie/TV recommendations

    I've been really disappointed by the 3rd series. So much so that I think I will stop watching it. The first half was good, then they had the Chrimbo break - just seems to have gone right downhill. Britta, Geoff now really shit me, and even Abed is a bit rubbish now.
  22. Yes, it will be. Although there's no quicksave according to RPS. In the pre-order pack, you get special graph paper. For mapping. (There is automap should you wish.) /geeks out
  23. Unnecessary Comical Picture Thread

    Oo, I dunno. I got to hand feed one in Oz, he (she?) was about 3 feet in diameter and was most placid. Was in a tributary just near the coast. If you're talking about Steve Irwin, he was being reckless in the extreme. The fisherman who I was chatting to about it seemed to think it was a ridiculous thing to do.