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  1. Suicide inducing gameplays

    I'd like to add xbox 360's Ninty Nine Nights... especially Boss levels. You spend like 15 minute fight sequences to get to the boss, only to get 4 hit killed. Plus, there's of course the locked camera distance, and the million different combos to remember. It is a really fun game, just the bosses. ugh
  2. Prince of Persia Classic

    I guess that's why I got disappointed. I expected some really awesome stuff, and while the fruit powerups were cool, it didn't really save the game... Having said that, I really liked POP, POP2 and the SOT series, so I'm probably biased towards it...
  3. Jack Black is AWESOME

    nfsw probably:
  4. Prince of Persia Classic

    PoP:classic is maybe one of the best "retro" redone games on XBLA. I wasn't too impressed by Pacman:CE, but I did like Jetpack Refuelled The animation and moves in PoP:C are fluid, and he has new moves like the backflip, and the jump off the wall; grab the ledge behind. The combat is pretty difficult at times, if you screw up, they can get a double combo on you. The final blow animations; the one where you stab the lost sword into the heart, or kick him down is pretty good. What you want to do is lock swords and tap X repeatedly, and win, the prince punches the opponent in the face and you can do a 2 hit combo (ftw)... I find this game pretty tricky, and I would say I was pretty good at the original, and the flames, and sot... Worthy of your time and money
  5. Bitmap brothers forever

    The Chaos Machine... tear. It was great on the PC, those classic titles like Z!, they would be great to bring onto Xbox. Having that said, I bought Super Smash TV because I remember LOVING that game to bits, and well, sorely disappointed.
  6. XBox Live gamertag exchange
  7. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello there, this place looks like an interesting place to hang around I'm aeryxz (pronounced erics), and I am from Sydney Australia. /wave