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  1. Would definitely appreciate an invite! Pretty new, but trying to learn! http://steamcommunity.com/id/doctorsbaitso/
  2. Ye Olden Queste Fore Glorye

    That's the main benefit, but it's got some other nice bits. This is a little hazy, (it's been a long time and I'm not in front of the games) but as I recall, one of the things you can use it to do this way is theoretically have a char with all skills (ie, a thief with magic) which I think you might not be able to do if you start in some of the later games because you might not have enough skills to raise things above 0 to start. Again, a bit hazy - and that's really just some goofy power-gaming best left for 2nd/third/etc times through the game. edit: basically beaten I guess, but stated differently. Misread at first.
  3. Ye Olden Queste Fore Glorye

    I may be a bit blinded by nostalgia, as I came into playing QFG1/2 after their release, finishing them right before 3 came out. Hell, when I played QFG1, it was a copy of Hero's Quest, prior to the rename. I had a lot of fun with 3, and thought it was really solid. It never struck me as 'too short', really - QFG1 is pretty short if you have any idea what you're doing too - I guess QFG2 feels a lot longer, what with the second half basically. I think the biggest lacking aspect of #2 is the lack of Thiefy things to do, but I still liked it. It also taught me what Mancala was! No surprise I guess that #3 is a little 'off', since it wasn't originally planned and got inserted into the overall storyline.
  4. Ye Olden Queste Fore Glorye

    Pretty much the best games. The series is in my top 10 (probably my top 5) games alongside Star Control 2. I probably replay at least the first 2-3 games every couple years. I'd rank them in the following order, probably: 2 > 1 > 3 > 4 > 5 5 is not...the worst game ever, it's just kind of an ignoble end to a great, under-appreciated series. The FA in #5 always managed to cause a serious bit of melancholy from me, though. The games have a few rough spots, but age better than most games their age - and I'm still surprised no one else has really tried to conquer the RPG+Adventure game hybrid. It still has similar(ish) puzzles as many adventure games, albeit with a different interface - and what's better, many puzzles and problems effectively have multiple solutions. Maybe some purists will feel it pulls away from the adventure game mold, but I've always loved them. Someone BRAND NEW to the series should be warned/told (it's mostly a good thing, though it skews the games' difficulty balancing) that each successive game lets you import your character from the previous game.
  5. Tingle's Balloon Fight

    I don't know if there is a standard combo, but some DS games let you hold the L+R buttons and the four face buttons while starting up to do this, I believe. I don't have my DS in front of me (for shame!) so I can't verify that my memory is correct in this case. ...and obviously I've not imported this specific title.
  6. Resident Evil 4 Wii

    It's not specific to the semi-auto or to the scope on it. I think it's an artifact of the original game. I don't have the GCN version in front of me (actually, I'm at work, uh oh!) but I think the rifle aiming controls were different on that version, too. Just a weird little artifact, probably to keep the rifle from being even more absurdly awesome than it is. I agree though, that the reviewer for eurogamer seems totally weird - I can only imagine he didn't play it for very long, based on my experience of the controls becoming quite natural. Besides, even if you didn't like the Wii controls, the old control method is still available.
  7. What the hell?

    Miffy said RPG, not football.
  8. Overlord demo out

    ...so much love for this game, here. This alone makes me want to check out Overlord, ignoring the fact they're entirely different. Man, I miss AoW.
  9. Prince of Persia Classic

    It's been a while (understatement) since I've played the original, but there are certain ways (mostly good) in which the timing in this game is -really- precise. It's as if there are almost two levels of 'competent' - there's competent, and then super-competent. It's like how when you fall far enough that you land in a crouch, but don't take damage (like going from the first ever screen to the second, done right) - you can stand up...or you can roll straight from that crouch to the left, but only if you have REALLY good timing. Too soon or too late, and the crouch-roll does nothing. Similarly, it's like climbing a wall: someone new might walk up and climb it frmo a standstill, but the faster way is to get a jumping-climb...but even that has two versions. Do it wrong and you climb barely faster than jumping from the base of the wall, where your run animation starts over at the top of the climb, do it right and you start a little more smoothly, able to jump/roll that much sooner. I'm probably not explaining this well, though.
  10. New people: Read this, say hi.

    This is me, saying hi, I guess! Registered after lurking for a while, mostly to make a comment in the Prince of Persia Classic thread. My gaming background goes a little something like this: The early years: 2600 - TI-99 - C64 - 8086 (where I first played Rogue, and Below the Root, and others) More C64 - NES - Amiga - PC ...and then it becomes a haze of Genesis (+power base converter!), SNES, and later 3d0 with a smattering of Jaguar (not mine), and all the more recent platforms you might imagine. So, I guess you could say I like games...?
  11. The American McGee opinions thread

    I'm not an American McGee fanboy or anything (never played Alice, for example - when I finally bought it, there was some reason I couldn't get it to run/install that I don't recall now) but from what I've heard, it sounds like Grimm's will be entirely on Gametap. That sounds like it may be -the- smart venue to have Episodic Content fulfill its potential without just being a way to give you the same content in more pieces for more money, since it's a subscription service.
  12. Prince of Persia Classic

    I'm not perfect - I'm really inconsistent in that I'll have a fight where I go volley after volley of parries and never miss one, and another time where I almost die, but here is my approach: 1. Never take your finger/thumb off the parry button/direction. 2. The longest volley I've ever seen is needing three parries (by you) - I mean in a single volley, not an exchange that results in no damage, stops, and then a new one starting. If you go all the way to three (i.e., in a situation where they counter EVERY swing of yours, it goes like this: swing, block, swingOHNOblock, swingPANICblock, you get into a locked-swords fight and will have to hammer on the swing button. After that, you can always (from what I've seen) get a free swing on. Try for a second, but be ready to parry) 3. Get a feel for the 'rhythm' of the fight - if you hit parry, just assume it'll work and counter right away, without wasting time. This will give you more time to counter THEIR parry-counterattack that will likely be coming. 4. Another approach that has worked before, especially early on, is using range to my advantage, if there's clear floor. In this case, just back up so when they swing they JUST miss. If you're lucky, your next attack will be the one that steps forward as you swing, bringing you into range. My sloppiest fights are ones in which I find myself almost too ready to parry, parrying attacks that aren't there. The timing gets tighter the further you are in a little volley, but it's really, really forgiving on the first one. You probably won't see three-parry-volleys until Level 4 or later, if even that early. Also, if you end up switching sides with them and don't think you'll need to come back, you can always get some distance (which is important, because it's slow) and sheathe your weapon and flee. Ack, that was a bit long - hope it makes sense! Edit: Man, I thought I was doing pretty well, but someone on shacknews is #29. I have some work to do. Oddly, the top two scores last I checked (yesteday) were so aberrantly high I have to assume it's a bug or cheating of some kind. -Fayk
  13. Prince of Persia Classic

    I've completed the game and at this point am just re-doing levels to try to improve my times. I'm up to the top 300 on the leaderboards. That said, I've found the controls -great- and really responsive. I've never had to blame the controls for my deaths. (One exception: if you want to do a running long jump, but there is a ledge above you, it will do a high jump to lift yourself up there - a case of the controls trying to 'help' you too much) That said, the fights have definitely been the most difficult thing for me. I can't explain why, but switching to using 'up' for parry instead of having my thumb work both X and A buttons has really helped, in addition to getting more of a sense of the 'rhythm' of the fights.
  14. Prince of Persia Classic

    Move against them, as close as you can, and do a parry (up or A button). You might have to parry their first attack then move in, but it can be done on almost any opponent from what I've seen.