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  1. Another mod trying to go commercial

    Innovative indeed. Kind of funny to see this, just earlier on a different forum we were talking about all the different UT mods out there. I don't play the game myself, but the guy I was talking to said they mods that converted UT into everything from an RTS to an RPG, kind of funny really.
  2. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Pfft, that's all I have to say. Pfft. There, I've said it again.
  3. Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars™

    C&C was the first computer game I ever played. I've been a fan of the series ever since, and was not disappointed at all by C&C 3. It's a wonderful game, a big difference from Generals (for better or worse). Fans of Red Alert and Red Alert 2 will love it, might be difficult to get used to for General's fans...
  4. How excited are you about gaming right now?

    Gaming's pretty good right now for the console scene. PC gaming is improving, especially with recent games like C&C 3 and the like. So I voted 10, as it only gets better from here.
  5. Guitar Hero 360

    Lol, I always see people at Fry's and the like playing this for like hours at a time. Unfortunately they always seem to take it too seriously and end up looking stupid as hell. Kinda turned me off from this game, but I guess I can't judge it until I give it a real chance.
  6. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hai I'm warlord878787, yes the three 87's are ABSOLUTELY necessary. I like interesting, laid back forums and was therefore naturally attracted to this one ( which I stumbled upon by googling "ryl hacks" strangely enough). I'm a moderator on another forum, unknowncheats.com.So hello.
  7. GTA IV trailer

    I'm a big fan of these kinds of games.....this one looks very promising. My favorite games of this genre are : GTA III Saint's Row Mafia
  8. XBox Live gamertag exchange

    My gold account status just expired Oh, and for some reason my gamercard isn't showing up either....