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  1. Mother wins ban on violent porn

    Are you talking about the US? Citisens of the USA have far more freedom than citisens of the UK, we don't have a written constitution, we don't have freedom of speech enshrined in our law. Recently we adopted the European human rights charter, which supposedly gives us freedom of speech, but the small print allows UK ministers to overrule that on matter of 'protecting morals'. The UK government is requiring that all ISPs implement it's 'cleanfeed' technology. A way of filtering all internet content entering the UK, initially this was argued to be specifically to stop child porn, but surprise, surprise, the list of sites we are to be banned access to grows and grows everyday. Many are political (terrorists and such) and now 'violent porn', the ability to expand the list even further without new law is already in place. We routinely have our emails scanned (without a court order) and are required by law, under threat of two years imprisonment, to hand over encryption keys to the police.
  2. Mother wins ban on violent porn

    The women in these movies and on these sites are not "Usually victims of human trafficking". Where it may be that victims of humen trafficking are forced to take part in sex acts (including for web sites) that they do not want to, it is a giant leap to suggest that the majority of those on websites that show violent porn do so against their will. In fact no one has been able to quote a single site where real, serious violence or coerced sex take place. They probably exist, but to suggest that they do so on an industrial scale is niave. The law specifically states that it will not discern between real acts and fictional scenes nor even scenes of computer generated characters. All this even though they cannot show that real, violence is a major factor in this kind of porn. As for the levels of sex crimes, well we know for a fact that the UK is the most censored of all democracies and there is plenty of evidence to suggest (I will provide links if you want) that the greater the free access to porn is, the lower the level of sex crimes are. Repression is a far more likely cause of deviant behaviour than porn.