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  1. Wii number exchange

    Thanks all... Looking forward to some mii trading... putting my wii number up last night prompted me to make some addtional celebs', like Einstien and George W.... I'm going to take an attempt at Cosmo Cramer tonight too and see how it turns out...
  2. Wii number exchange

    Hey. came accross this thread like most looking for wii numbers and hopefully I will be a daily reader of some of the other threads. I'll be adding all previous wii numbers and hope you'll add mine. Cheers, obricko 4596 5726 9737 4317
  3. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hey, Yes I came looking for wii numbers and I'll be sure to add everybody and hope you'll add me so we all can exchange some mii's. Bout me... 30 years of age currently in Tenn. soon to be Michigan. Just recently addicted to console gamming and looking forward to getting more games as I go along. For the wii so far I have; Red Steel, Madden, Excite Truck and Tony Hawk. For the xobx which i also just recently purchased I only have T.D. Unlimited and Project 8. I'll be sure to check out the other threads to see what else I.F. holds. Cheers obricko