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  1. Thumbs Meet-Up Thing

    LOL that made me think of Kindergarten Cop Who is your daddy and what does he do!
  2. Virtual Console Control

    i had the classic controller, its a lot like the SNES controller. not comfortable at all... I would recommend the GC controller.
  3. This forum depresses me

    NOOO!! say it aint so.... I was very excited to get this when I saw it a couple days ago. havent yet... just to spite the OP, please do tell why <subject> sucks. <subject> in this case = Double Dragon on XBLA
  4. Stupidest idea ever?

    There can only be one! and that title belongs to .... Rocky Balboa
  5. Digi-Heads for XBOX360

    I have my 360 networked and file sharing with my PC. I see no need to buy the bigger HDD, even had they priced it better. But I agree, what is it?? $179? waaaaay too much.
  6. Digi-Heads for XBOX360

    My brother is trying to convince me to get one on those grounds
  7. Digi-Heads for XBOX360

    my brother has the camera, so I just took my HDD to his house and made them there. I haven't been too thrilled to go out and spend $60 on the camera either, considering my only drive to buy it would be to make the digi-heads. Im going to take a screen shot with my digi camera and post em up soon
  8. Digi-Heads for XBOX360

    Has anyone here created one using the camera? I made a couple last night, one for WSOP : Tournament of Champions and another for RS6 : Las Vegas. Its a eerie feeling looking at a computer rendition of your own face. Im going to take a few pics and post em up later
  9. Guitar Hero 360

    Miffy, what does GH360 retail for in Canada?

    thats a clear cut case of acting without thinking. and a quite stupid one at that... Ive only seen one episode of that show, from a link someone on here posted. Is it just me or did that guy seem like he was slightly mentally challenged?
  11. I give in... here I come 360

    Struck a deal with a friend, will be trading a wii for a 360 straight up, only he gets the better end of the software deal.. he gets 7 games, i only get 2. The wii seemed to be a huge novelty to me, I fell for the hype and loved it at first, but the last month I maybe played it for 1 hour. So, now that I have a 360, anyone here play Rainbow Six : Las Vegas?? looking to build a good friends list
  12. Post You Pic Thread

    thanks Wrestlevania.
  13. Post You Pic Thread

    someone help a poor n00b out with posting a pic. i clicked insert image and all it did was put in a link
  14. Give Iran the bomb

    all the world leaders need to go to Hooters, have a few brews, smoke a couple J's and chill the fuck out. that is all.