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  1. Wii number exchange

    Yeah, Kennyken67, I've added you and I'll add obricko when I get home tonight.
  2. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hey All, I'm leevil, I'm new to gaming...again. I just turned 36 and got my hands on a wii, it just seemed like a lot of fun. I used to buy all the new systems when they came out. Do any of you here remember ColecoVison or Intellivision? I bought those when they first came out. How about the Commodore 64 or the TSR-80, I had those also. I used to play Pitfall and Pac-Mac on the Atari 2600 for hours and hours and thought life couldn't get any better. After those systems I really got into the Playstation. I loved the Tomb Raider and Resident Evil series. As I got older, and married, I found I had a lot less free time to game. When Playstation 2 came out, I had to have it and I bought it for some ridiculous amount money with some store created bundle with games and controllers. I found I almost never played it, it ended up being a very expensive dvd player for the bedroom. I gave up on gaming for years. I considered getting the PS3 just for the blu-ray capabilites, but my friend was one of the lucky ones that waited outside a store at 4 in the morning the first day the wii's came out and he was able to get one. After I played for a few hours with him and the kids (everyone is able to bowl) I gave up on the PS3 and went on the hunt for a wii. I'm glad I did, even my wife loves playing wii sports. On another note, I really like the whole mii feature and that's how I came upon this site. I was looking for people that wanted to trade mii's and I did a search on wii number exchange.
  3. How did you find Idle Forums?

    I'm not really much of a gamer, but I bought a wii and wanted to exchange some mii's, so I did a search on yahoo for wii number exchange and viola, here I am!!! I do find myself coming here numerous times a day and just reading through all the threads. BTW my birthday was December 23rd and I just turned 36, so I figure I'm on the opposite end of Miffy!!!
  4. Wii number exchange

    Is anybody interested in my originals: Howard Stern, Artie Lange, Jacko, Charlie Brown, Kyle Gass, work in progess Jack Black, Lucifer. Robin Quivers (my wife thinks she looks more like Whoopi Goldberg). Egghead, Dick, and these guys I actually dreamt about and woke up and created them, the twins Cy and Clops!!! I also have some I modified from others templates and/or completely duplicated like: my Dick Cheney, my Adolph, my George Harrison. Let me know I'd love to share them all!!!
  5. Wii number exchange

    Alright, I'm totally about to show my age here, but who is Phoenix Wright? Is he a character from a video game or a movie or something???
  6. Wii number exchange

    Thanks Marek!!!
  7. Wii number exchange

    Hey All, I am a newby here, and I'm sorry if any of you feel like I'm crashing your party. The truth is I got a wii and I've been having a great time making mii's and I just wanted to share them and to see what other people have been creating. I only personally know two other people with wii's and I've already seen all there miis and they really aren't all that into re-creating celebrity mii's, so like Mooseferatu asked, yeah, I just did a search for people who wanted to exchange wii numbers and I stumbled upon this thread. If any of you would like to know anything about me, by all means please ask. I would love to have you all added, but if you feel uncomfortable, that's cool too!!!
  8. Wii number exchange

    alright, I've added everyone, let it begin!!!
  9. Wii number exchange

    This is EXACTLY what I've been looking for. I'm going to add all of you when I get home tonight. Here is my wii number, please add me also, I'm looking forward to sharing my mii's and seeing what others have created. I heard someone did a great Jack Black, I did a crappy Jack Black, but I've got a pretty good Kyle Gass, as well as Howard Stern, Artie Lange, etc... 7747-0839-1514-0841