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  1. Idiots at work

    Maybe he was assuming you'd be dead by the time you got the message, and he doesn't like you, so he won't be lamenting your death. As for the "for the time being" bit, perhaps he was planning on starting to like you a while after you were dead. But he's probably just a mongoloid.
  2. I voted 321, because it's nearly the number of my house. Now all someone needs to do is vote for 113 (also nearly the number of my house) and balance will be restored once more.
  3. Observation of the day

    In my experience, browsing any forum anywhere is a potent cause of funny looks.
  4. Weird things

    The inside of the box for my Gamecube Freeloader has smelt of cigarettes since before I ever opened it, and I bought it new, and I've never smoked.
  5. T-minus 53 days and not counting

    It's a good job I've got bugger all interest in the PS3, because I can't even afford a 360 or a Wii. Unless I use that money that's supposed to be for driving lessons...
  6. 2 reasons to despair

    So is Phil Harrison! Well, I don't really think that, but aren't crude puns quite popular on this site? Also, won't these always-on consoles do some damage to the environment if you lump it all together? The government's been telling us not to leave things on standby to save energy/the environment/money. Will Sony donate some money to charity or something? I don't really know what I'm talking about, so feel free to put me right.
  7. Wario Disguise Game

    I preferred it when he couldn't die. Made him seem more of an 'ard-nut.
  8. Metroid Prime

    Beware, though! If you're colourblind it's apparently much harder/impossible to beat the last boss. Not being colourblind, however, I wouldn't know why. I thought it was a good game, but by the end I was a bit tired of it. I certainly wasn't in the mood for playing a sequel.
  9. Wario Disguise Game

    I really can't remember if I've played that one. Which is the one where you can turn into a zombie, and be flattened, and... some other things? Is that number 2?
  10. Oh for crying out loud!!

    It's such a load of bollocks. That Sebastian Bosse guy did that shooting because he was emotionally scarred and ostracised by his fellow students (like the boys at Columbine), not because he played Counterstrike.
  11. Wario Disguise Game

    I'm all for a return to the days of Wario using his metal hat for barging. Well, I assume it was made of metal, but that's probably just because the only colour the Game Boy Pocket could do was grey.
  12. New people: Read this, say hi.

    I thought I'd re-rail this thread, by saying "hello there, I'm new". Although I'm perhaps a bit young to feel disenfranchised with games, the only console that's holding my interest at the moment is my DS. It's just a pity we get most of the games about 4 months after Americans do. I'm fleeing a forum that got populated by pitiable foo's (that apostrophe means I'm missing out the L), hoping that they didn't turn me into one. Blah blah blah, it's really hard to introduce yourself on the internet. Furthermore, I liked the bit in your Guitar Hero review where Iron Man said "I am Iron Man".
  13. Guitar Hero II (are the song selections localized?)

    There wasn't enough room for "Spastic! At The Disco", either. Pity.
  14. A wonderful topic about browser games

    Dope Wars was mildly diverting for about a month. Me and some of my well gangsta mates made a cartel and got into the top 10 on the server or whatever. One of us infiltrated another group, was given power over the cartel, kicked them all out, changed the password and changed their picture to a crude drawing of a knob! Not very sporting I know, but they deserved it for being drug dealers.
  15. DS Games

    Even though I'm British I've got Elite Beat Agents, and it's bleedin' great. Despite the fact that a lot of the songs are pop punk (Sum 41, Good Charlotte, Avril Lavigne) they're still the kind of songs that are easy to tap along to, and it's got proper bands like Bowie and Deep Purple on it too. It reminded me a little of Project Rub for some reason, but it's miles better than that.