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  1. Co-Op story-based games?

    The first is actually also for the XBox. I know because I own it. I would also recommend Dark Alliance as a good Co-op RPG. It's a nice introduction to RPGs, it keeps everything nice and simple. It may turn your girlfriend off though because it's a little repetitive, like virtually all hack-n-slash RPGs.
  2. Viva Pinata

    A demo on Marketplace would be nice. I'm a huge fan of Rare, been one since Donkey Kong Country, and except for Grabs, I've loved every game they've pushed out, even Kameo. However, even with that said, I've played both Animal Crossing and The Sims (made possible by my sister's obsession with them), and I didn't enjoy them at all. So... I can't make up my mind if this is really something I'd get into or not.
  3. Xbox 360 vs PS3 (yawn?)

    Yeah, I agree 100%. It's comes with no surprise to me. The $600 price tag isn't the only reason I don't plan on buying a PS3 this generation.