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  1. If you're Nintendo's bitch...

    "Her indoors needs help with the cooking" Better?
  2. Creepy statues in games

    Mysteries of the Sith had a ton of far-too-difficult-to-kill statues with lightsabers which pounced out at you, most probably to stop you from discovering the Mysteries of the Sith.
  3. Tales of Monkey Island

    Woah that announcement totally passed me by! Fantastic news
  4. Tales of Monkey Island

    Gah! Why aren't the next two out already?
  5. Tales of Monkey Island

    Just finished and I can't really add anything that hasn't been said already: It's only bloody brilliant. I'm glad that was back even more glad that he actually had a part to play, not just some tacky fan service shoehorned it. Also the reuse of MI2 and CMI music was a bonus (the music from the stomach of the Manatee was from CMI somewhere, right?)
  6. PSP

    So the moral of the story is... make sure you don't get things for free if you want to appreciate them?
  7. Tales of Monkey Island

    So when's the next one, huh? Huh? Huh?
  8. Okamiden

    As initially skeptical as I can't help but be by the prospect of an unnecessary sequel, more screens have been released and there no denying just how god damn cute they are! Also to answer the question above it's developed by Capcom. They did a pretty good job porting it to the Wii so it's not as blasphemous as it seems
  9. Beatles: Rock Band

  10. No More Heroes 2: From the Toilet

    I still need to complete the first one. It's a game I keep stopping and starting and I'm not exactly sure why. I got to the ranked fight where you fight the witch? I think it's III or something, pretty far along the game but for some reason I turned the game off and haven't touched the Wii since. I should probably get back on that...
  11. Okamiden

    So no one's really talking about this here yet but I'm pretty sure this forum has its fair share of Okami fans. It's on DS, looks astoundingly beautiful for a game on that platform and the little wolf cub is adorable! Trailer at
  12. Beatles: Rock Band

    So wasn't there some kind of apocolyptic warning about this game on the forums a little while ago? I can't seem to find it right now but did anyone ever figure out what it was all about?
  13. Longplays and Let's Plays?

    When I was blasting through Super Metroid I consulted a long play incredibly often because I wanted to 100% it. I did and it was awesome, if only I realised it was done on speed, not so much on percentage. And that brings it round to the other thing which I don't think anyone's mentioned yet: SPEEDRUNS! Speedruns are always awesome when they're just ridiculously flukey versions of games you know well. The is a prime example.
  14. Beatles: Rock Band

    I just wanted to draw attention to this joke. It clearly isn't getting the recognition it deserves
  15. First game you remember playing

    My first game was probably either Citadel of Chaos on the BBC or Shadow of the Beast on the Amiga. These two after Delux Paint of course The reason I remember Shadow of the Beast the most is because it scared the crap out of me! Did this happen to anyone else? Terrifying stuff. I think the first game I REALLY played all the way through (like, to completion) was Toonstruck, an awesome game which doesn't seem to get half the recognition it deserves. Graphics and humour that blew my mind back in 1997 or whatever, and puzzles which took me like a year and a few calls to the helpline (damn games were harder before the internet) to get through.