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  1. Die Hard 4

    the torture continues... why do they always have to milk a franchise for all its worth and even MORE? don't get me wrong, I liked Die hard, but enough is enough!
  2. Cancel the Simpsons?

    omg! so far 23 people voted and 95% said YES. You guys are really sick of the simpsons, aren't you?
  3. Cancel the Simpsons?

    I liked the simpsons when I was about 8 (don't get me wrong, I still like it), but right now I find Familiy Guy funnier, it's more sarcastic and all. The Simpsons is more goofy
  4. amazing site!

    www.gamemusicthemes.com www.computerandvideo games.com www.bigbluecup.com (if you like adventure games) www.adventuredevelopers.com Does anyone have more links to GOOD vg-related sites?
  5. Grim Fandango Movie Rumors

    "Corpse Bride" wasn't such a good movie, just because gf has skeleton characters doesn't mean Burton is the right one to direct it.
  6. amazing site!

    are you on crack?
  7. Any Mortal Kombat fans?

    Are there any fans of Mortal Kombat here? (despite that god awful second movie) I'm trying to find some information about Armageddon.
  8. The World Cup hate thread

    Well, Italy was my second choice, believe it or not, but France would have won if it hadn't been for Zidane (Dude! What the hell were you thinking? if that other player dude pisses you off just throw a rock at his car like everybody else!)
  9. fucking copy protection

    you can actually go through the copy protection if you have a good software. But I don't know anything about this...
  10. The World Cup hate thread

    I really wanted Germany to win the world cup
  11. A car that was parked outside my house today

    I woke up this morning and realized my car wasn't in front of my house. then I remembered I don't have one
  12. Monkey Island Music On Piano

    it would be really cool to have the piano sheets for those songs, can you PLEASEEE pm me your email adress? thanks dude!
  13. So they're releasing the first Sonic again...

    a re-release? that game wasn't that good anyway! why bother?
  14. What are you playing today?

    i'm playing sanitarium and monkey island 4 sanitarium rocks mi4 is just not as good as mi1, none of them are