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  1. Stop bumping old posts, you dick

    I never left
  2. Stop bumping old posts, you dick

    this thread is kind of spammy
  3. Movie/TV recommendations

    Desperate Housewives
  4. Sam and Max is coming back

    If you have ears, you might deduce that doesn't take too much of my time.
  5. Great Gaming Quotes

    People believe what they want to believe, Calavera
  6. Sam and Max is coming back

    I think we all agree that a S&M sequel is NEVER gonna happen.
  7. Well, when it's an adventure game, for example, a good story is definitely necessary.
  8. BS4....Hmmm

    I like the graphics
  9. Double Fine got two awards

    Great news!
  10. Prince of Persia Classic

    This is the first Video game that I played Good times
  11. Grim Fandango Movie Rumors

    Yup, although if you google Grim Fandango + Tim Burton you can still find all the fuzz about it at the top of the list xD
  12. GTA IV vs. San Andreas

    GTA went downhill after Vice City.
  13. Grim Fandango Movie Rumors

    Is there any info about the Monkey Island movie that was in pre-production and then cancelled?
  14. Sam and Max is coming back

    Released by seasons? Oh, that is a REALLY bad idea when it comes to adventure games