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  1. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

    I've been playing STALKER for a couple of days and this game is fantastic. I mean, the world you play in is so scary even when nothing happens. This is the best setting since Silent Hill for me. And then you have all the ukrainian voices that really add to the feeling of realism...sound is great, graphics are great, AI too and gamepay blends FPS and RPG quite well. And there's the day/night cycle that really changes the way you have to play... only problem is that the game is full of bugs, the patches sorted most of them out but I really had a hard time to make it work with my ATI card.
  2. Tomb Raider Anniversary

    I was talking about the T-rex fight in Anniversary. In the original the T-rex appearing form the black valley was genuinely scary (back then at least). They turned that into some kind of unimpressive and unavoidable cinematic boss battle. That's my only complaint though, everything else is just perfect and the PC version is extremely polished: no bugs, alt+tab support, runs smoothly on average pc...that's small detail ok, but after a week trying to figure out how to prevent STALKER from freezing, THIS FEELS GOOD:tup: oh, and Legend was good, but far from Anniversary.
  3. Tomb Raider Anniversary

    I tried it and found it to be really excellent. Retains the original atmosphere quite well (except for that Trex bit which is crap). Best tomb raider since...the first actually.
  4. Starcraft 2

    you!.... you! Did I mention that we italians have some kind of a problem with insults to parents? (who, in a many ways, are definitely OLD GEN...more RETRO actually, but you don't get to say that.)
  5. Starcraft 2

    Agreed...and I always found Total annihilation so much more interesting than the *craft series to begin with... Actually, Warcraft 3 was 3D (and a good game by all means) but that didn't change so much right? SiN got my point through better than I did. I am just pissed that a company like Blizzard (which has all the means to innovate at least a tiny little bit) would announce a feature list as uninspired as the one they did. Unless they want to revert the trend of hyping a game before release, the final product will probably be nothing more than a 3D SC...A really good game for sure, but come on. And especially since Supcom came out and proved that the classic RTS formula (gameplay) can still be improved, this new SC announcement seems so....LAST GEN!!
  6. Starcraft 2

    Looks like Starcraft in 3D. And if you look through alle the infos, they aren't announcing anything new...only some ultra mega balanced, super graphics with hippy laser beams, competitive multiplayer (maybe they got some kind of korean tv sponsoring) bla bla... NOTHING NEW. I mean, there's not even a new race; even Warcraft 3 had a new race. Of course, between now and launch time there will be something like 100 more announcements...but how can you make a sequel without improving at least a little something gameplay-wise? And what's with that Gears-of-War-macho-with-cigar looking intro...I liked that starcraft ghost chick better.
  7. Averting the climate crisis

    ok, non-constructive contribution to this very serious post, but I live in belgium (country of rain, cold, grey sky, etc.) and last april really made me a climate change supporter. I almost let my car motor running all night to mark my support
  8. BSG given the bullet

    I found the mini series to be much worse than the actual series episodes. I was really hooked from episode 3 or 4 (first season) and I found the second season quite nice but the third has too much filler episodes unfortunately.
  9. BSG given the bullet

    although I'm really enjoying BSG, it's clearly starting to run dry on new ideas, much like so many other series...Lost, Prison Break, etc. One last season would be a wise choice. I agree with Marek about the spin offs: it would be a more creative and interesting way to revisit the same universe through new characters and situations. Some kind of prequel would be nice, explaining all those clues pointing to earth that the original colonies left behind.
  10. Stupidest idea ever?

    indeed (love that doom-ish plot)...but Sunshine is a LOT worse
  11. Stupidest idea ever?

    I've seen it on a festival last month and it's quite rubbish...similar to Event Horizon but worse.
  12. Awesome DS Games

    I'm having lots of fun with Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow, standard castlevania stuff though. Trauma Center isn't bad either, but I stopped playing it because of some stupid touchscreen issues (the lens tool is really a pain). While I realy enjoyed the original SM64 on the N64...I found the Ds controls really unsuitable for the game. Also, I found Metroid on Ds quite boring also, mainly because of the uninspired level design...that's a shame because unlike SM64, they really found a perfect FPS control scheme. Oh, and I'm enjoying Final Fantasy tactics (GBA), it has a great battle system but you have to stand the uninteresting plot.
  13. Could it be? Nights on Wii? GLEE!

    the story's about two kids that meet each other in dreamworld, where they can transform into Nights and destroy some kind of nightmare-lord... simply put, you control Nights in fake 3d (environments are 3d, you move in 2d... but kids move in 3d but you don't play them much). There were something like 8 levels but the main thing here is doing high scores... best sonic team game ever...this game had magic in it edit: not to mention that A-life thing...
  14. Final Fantasy 12

    awesome game, finished it some days ago and I'm desperately trying to overcome the addiction this one gave me halfway through the game, the story (which is SO MUCH better than in previous FF) feels like it's missing something and it does screw-up a bit by going mystical at some point. still, the characters are perfect (they're a bit underdevelopped though), and combat system is the best in ages...
  15. Know your game designers

    21 for me:gaming: , and there definitely are some names+games (the same question but in different order) repeated at least 2 or 3 times. And the questions aren't the same for everyone I think
  16. Die Hard 4

    know what? I didn't know about this. now I'm hurt. really.
  17. "How to Become a Better Videogame Journalist"

    agreed, WTF?!?
  18. Ernest Adams on Citizen Kane: MMORPG

    they removed the sex scenes?? woo I didn't know about that. what is it with this fu***** censorship? I don't think those sex scenes where fundamental or anything, but they didn't felt more out of place than any sex scene you actually find in 99% of movies. And how can games be considered a form of artistic expression if some content is sacrified for the sake of accessible entertainment? Also, I thought it was "refreshing" to see some non violence-based adult scenes inserted in a game script. This doesn't change the fact that the game is flawed (especially the last part) but it tries to do some (classic) things in interesting new ways and this can't be criticized. the industry has it's "heroes", it's just that they don't get the media attention as movie stars do...
  19. I don't know if someone already pointed this out but I went to see pirates of the caribbean II yesterday (which is a quite enjoyable action flick...) and I was surprised to see some *clear* references to Monkey Island 2. 1) captain sparrow using a coffin to navigate, and in complete MI2 style! 2) jungle boat trip (not coffins this time) to a voodoo sorceress. actually, just before seeing the voodoo lady, I told my girlfriend: "If now there's a voodoo...doh!" now, I'm not a Monkey Island 1 expert (I completed it only once, a long time ago) so there may be other references. I found only those two from MI2(admitting you forget about all the *ghost pirate really looking like LeChuck* stuff) but I''m sure there are more...
  20. yup, in fact in 10 or 15 years from now I guess we'll be seeing a lot more video games inspired content in movies and other media. today, though, it's still unusual enough to be surprising. I just hope someday this kind of reference to games will be credited. It could be a good way to spread the word about good games.
  21. yup, big discussion going on over there...I wonder if he reads at least some of the replies.
  22. Ernest Adams on Citizen Kane: MMORPG

    I have the same feeling about unanimous people approval to Micheal Moore movies
  23. indeed! even in-game he's the only thing that seems out of place to me...maybe it was some crazy attempt to reverse the stereotypical father figure being cool etc ... and it was so in contrast with Jade being a pretty bunch of polys btw, I didn't have to pay for the game, it came free with a french game mag, "joystick", a couple of months ago...maybe you can find some nice offer like that in your country. despite the pig uncle, it's definitely worth playing:tup:
  24. ok, you win:blink: but I think the BG&E pitch is worse (mostly because of the pig uncle)... last three exemples you named could be fun and...yup....[spaghettimode] plumber saving princess is lame, but he's italian like me, so it's cool:hah: [/spaghettimode] anyway, if I remember right, when BG&E got released I didn't find many really good reviews. mostly good reviews but not those *wow* articles that could have meant something...I think that's especially important for new IPs...even if I can think of many exemples that can prove me wrong (like Ico: *wow reviews*, terrible sales). so sad but so true
  25. IMHO, BG&E isn't the masterpiece everyone says it is. At least gameplay-wise. I think the game mechanics here are way too simplistic and don't really feel cohesive with a script that has so much potenital and the well designed game world. The great production values really helped the overall result but at it's core, it's a game that doesn't manage to be as compelling (speaking about gameplay again) as, let's say, zelda and lacks any kind of substantial innovation and distinguishing features that makes a game worth remembering in time. I enjoyed my time with the game, I played it through the end, but I don't have any fond memories of it. And that's what tells me if a game is just *good*, or if it's some kind of masterpiece. And then of course, there's that thing about the female journalist with a pig uncle...let's see how anyone could manage to have some successfull marketing on that:shifty: