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  1. Sonic Rush

    Thank God! I thought I just sucked when I found it hard but everyone was saying it was easy. I think it has just the right amount of challenge actually, because it pisses me off until I'm determined to get past a part, and when I finally do, I get an actual sense of satisfaction. FWIW, I found the first boss harder to beat too.
  2. Sonic Rivals Gameplay Trailer

    and then.. The Sonic Rush boss battles play like Klonoa, for the most part. It works fine (and Klonoa 2 is a great game, find it if you can)
  3. Thread Friendly...

    T I M E P A R A D O X T I M K E A R A D O X S I M K E A R A D O X S I A K E A R A D O X S I A K E A R A D A X S I A K E I R A D A X S I A K E I S A D A X S I A K E I S A E A X S I A K E I S A E A D S N A K E I S A E A D S N A K E I S D E A D
  4. My First Review (Gibbage related ¬¬)

    Yeah, that's exactly my point. I bet the 8+ score games see sales from the round-up, because if most people are like me, they want to spend their hard-earned cash on something worthwhile, but it's burning a hole in their pocket and they have to act fast and don't have time to read
  5. My First Review (Gibbage related ¬¬)

    Niiice. I guess your comments have stirred up the Game Tunnel guys a bit. While I think GT does a great job in making people aware of indie games, I think their reviews can sometimes be damaging for a game if the particular group of reviewers doesn't like it, and I think the Gibbage review is one of those cases, Seth's comments aside. I don't think you got an unfair deal, and the guys who didn't like it seem very apologetic about it, but that big 6.5 lumps your "this-would-be-great-if-I-liked-it" game with the big pile of mediocre releases that come out every day. I just think that when you're dealing with an industry where a couple of lost sales means the difference between making a profit or not you should be able to say "This game is great even if I don't like it". Sorry I'm rambling. 2 hours sleep twice in a row.
  6. I believe they said some of the engine elements are in fact going to be in GTA4. I'd find a source but I'm working. And also I don't want to.
  7. Another GameLife Thread...

    My feelings exactly. Of course, it's also a little patronizing of us to automatically assume the guys don't realise they're being made fun of, maybe they just don't care. We're projecting our own feelings onto them, and while I know I'd be angry to find out I was the butt of a joke that also benefited a couple of "cool kids" either financially or helps launch some 5 minute TV career, that's just me. The fact that they read this forum and plenty of others shows that they obviously know a lot of people are making fun of them, and they're still doing it. For the record guys, I can't watch a whole one of your shows, because it makes me cringe. However, it does make me cringe less than watching anything on G4. But that's a whole 'nother subject bring back Starcade and good Icons, fuckers. Oh, and that stupid show with the two guys, one of them from that Animal Planet show.
  8. Lost in Blue

    You mean you didn't do it in Out of this World too?
  9. Guitar Hero editor type thing

    Editor beta is out now, for those interested.
  10. Valid point, and I have to acknowledge my own skewed viewpoint seeing as I rarely buy games in-store anymore, but still. The difference in price would be a big factor for me, plus the wait time on some titles (though this appears to be shrinking). I have to wonder how region-free the "region-free PS3" will turn out to be, though. I have a personal interest in the subject as I'm planning to move back to England this year, before the new consoles are released, and I'm trying to decide what to do.
  11. Bruckheimer's gamer movie

    I've forgotten the name of it too, but that doesn't matter, because the only "game comes to life and kills people" movie that matters is Nightmares, with the Emilio Estevez segment. Bishop of Battle, motherfuckers.
  12. This is as good a place as any to ask this.. Why would any serious gamer buy the UK release of a console these days? The prices of both hardware and software are jacked up and now there are several avenues for importing with reasonable prices, it's not too hard to get a TV that handles NTSC, so why would you pay the premium to buy a UK machine?
  13. Holy Uncanny Valley

    The thing that really killed it for me (other than a showstopping bug that left me with a savegame in the girlfriend's apartment with the clock running down but nobody ever comes to the door so I can't continue) is that the Simon/DDR games forced me to concentrate on the colors, completely missing what was going on in the background.
  14. Bruckheimer's gamer movie

    I almost cry at the end of The Wizard every single time. I also get a chill down my spine when the World 1 Map music hits.
  15. Holy Uncanny Valley

    It's fun as hell to play with though. The Indy stuff is basically a runtime player for endorphin, the procedural animation package that has already been used a lot for non-dynamic stuff. Best part is you can grab the learning edition for free and have a grand old time playing with digital stuntpeople. Remember the Porrasturvat (Stair Dismount) game? It's like that, turned to 11.