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  1. Hah, thanks for posting that, they didn't actually link to me, so I may not have seen that otherwise. Sorry if I was listless, I filmed that at 5am. In my defense, it WAS an issue of OPM I was talking about. I guess what I should have said was, "It has Strutter, and THAT SONG IS !@#$ING AWESOME, BITCHES! AND CHECK OUT THIS PSP DEMO!" Also, according to the comments, my hair "sucks" and it's "too bad his parents failed at telling him that looking like a retard for attention is a BAD thing". I didn't realize that's what I was doing. Noted. The best was from GAF: Heh.
  2. Are you sure it was the expert one? It's just a short clip, all the full GS videos are on Hard. Here's the clip of expert (for anyone, or you if you haven't seen it): It actually looks really fun. I think I can do it once I get the speed down. Those super fast chords though, hmmm... Also, I put up the hi-res DivX versions of the videos, as well GameSpot and YouTube versions (see first post).
  3. Hah, yeah, me too. It is a bit weird not being sure if you're actually doing it right. Did you see the video for Misirlou on expert? They showed it on On The Spot. It's insane!
  4. Osu tatakae Ouendan.

    Shanghai Honey insane is the hardest (really only the very end, but oohhhh it sucks). RSG intro is very annoying, they've changed it with Elite Beat Agents, now you can skip right to the countdown.
  5. Guitar Hero II

    The best part: Explorer shape! Wooooooo!
  6. [Choose a Classic] Burnout 3 or Burnout 4?

    Yes! You can see it in all the videos. There are icons you can pickup, and the ground in front of you will rise up into a giant ramp really suddenly! I don't know tons of people make fun of this game, I think it looks awesome.
  7. [Choose a Classic] Burnout 3 or Burnout 4?

    This is just too easy, miffy. (but seriously, I really want to play it.)
  8. MTV acquires Harmonix

    I have FreQ and Amp. If you liked FreQ, it's basically the same thing, but with some improvements (which I cannot list because I don't really remember, heh). People seem to say that Amp is just more polished. I think I unlocked the final difficulty and then stopped playing.
  9. [Choose a Classic] Burnout 3 or Burnout 4?

    I love love love Burnout. I actually prefer Takedown overall. The Crash events are more fun (with the modifiers), somehow the takedowns feel better to do, and the takedown camera is way better. That doesn't sound important, but it's what made me love Burnout in the first place and say, "Holy shit, this is awesome!" Revenge is fun though, and there are some nice changes. The way you can hit traffic is actually really great, you'll have all these cars flying over you, and smashing into the other racers. The crashbreaker races are really cool too (blow up your car during a race if you crash). So, I'd get both. But get 3 first.
  10. The Nintendo Revolution...

    Hah, yeah. I posted it on other forums and people were arguing over whether it was real or not, even though the thread was called "MY revolution CONCEPT DESIGN."
  11. Insert Coin

    I watched the whole thing, and literally completely phased out during the middle of it. That was...just...did they know what, I don't even want to know. You'd think they'd learn how to actually capture video instead of filming a tv screen.
  12. Osu tatakae Ouendan.

    I agree. It definitely has a lot of songs, and a lot of challenge, but ehhh. People have said that it took them a year to decide that they actually like daigasso better than ouendan, but I don't know. *Maybe* on Pro it gets really fun once you get really good, but Ouendan is fun always, with much better music/style/stories.
  13. Ouendan... Too... Hard...

    Yep. None of the stages are really hard anymore, although I haven't gotten all S-ranks. I really haven't played in a while since I've moved on to writing other FAQs and making videos and whatnot. Since this is an Ouendan thread, I'm required to post my Ouendan site: Lots of tips and tons of obsessive info.
  14. Somebody donate me a PS2

    Something isn't adding up here. It's a trap! All lies! Don't fall for it!
  15. bit Generations [GBA] Mini-Review - Part 1/2

    I just finished getting every moon (all 40) in Orbital legitimately* on my GBA SP! Yay! I did the first 30 stages in one run. A couple of the Final stages took me a bunch of tries to beat with the moons. * Previously I had used an emulator while writing the FAQ for it.
  16. bit Generations [GBA] Mini-Review - Part 1/2

    Finished with the Orbital Final Galaxy maps! Tons of tips and routes to take, etc. Check it out! I won't post any of the images here just in case you don't want to see them. After practice some of them aren't as hard as I first thought.
  17. bit Generations [GBA] Mini-Review - Part 1/2

    Yes, and a few of them are crazy hard. Spoiler only if you don't want to know what the Final levels are like: I'm going to put up maps of those stages with tips. Well, if you convert the price they're $18, but if they're released here maybe they'll be $20? It would be really awesome if they're $15 (if they're released here at all). I still think they should be $10, then everyone could justify them and probably buy them all. $15 or higher, I'm only buying a couple.
  18. Sexy Japanese Video Game Girls

    Whoa. I always wondered about that (I read manuals too). Does this mean me and Lei Fang aren't compatible?!
  19. bit Generations [GBA] Mini-Review - Part 1/2

    Orbital is the best! I wrote a huge FAQ for it! Seriously awesome, and tons of levels to keep you busy. Soundvoyager may not be the greatest, but you need to play at least once! You can play it with your eyes closed! In fact, you should play it with your eyes closed! I also noticed something interesting about the games.
  20. Game Boy cartridge case mod
  21. "How to Become a Better Videogame Journalist"

    You guys are taking me a little too literally. Obviously what I said can't be applied to EVERY movie, I was trying to simplify. "A scanner darkly" definitely falls under "graphics/special effects" which is not what I was talking about. I didn't want to write a five page article on the subject, but I guess trying to condense it down into a paragraph wasn't a good idea. I didn't say they weren't. In fact, that was my whole point--they're different areas but they aren't all discussed in EVERY movie review. Movie reviews mostly focus on plot, with the other things thrown in when they're important. Let me explain further.... First of all, I didn't say they were irrelevant, I said they're not discussed in every review. Do you remember all those Ebert reviews where he went on about sound editing? Me neither. That's a problem, so that would be discussed, although I bet very few reviews would actually mention it (maybe because it was a problem with your theater, but even so). I don't know which LotR you were talking about, but for instance, take a look at Ebert's review of Fellowship. The only place where he even mentions sound is in two places. Once here: That was referring to a single scene, mentioned in passing only to describe the excitement. Then here: Being a fantasy movie, effects and makeup should be discussed a lot, and even those aren't mentioned much at all in that review. The bulk of the review talks about the plot, and *drumroll* how the movie/book makes Ebert feel. Of course you NEED all of those things (sound, visual effects, acting, etc.) but they don't all have to go into a review, unless something really stands out for good or bad. Game reviews basically always mention every different part, for good reason; games are different. Sound has to be organic since it can't just be mixed ahead of time. Graphics can vary wildly, and while I don't care that much, many people do, so they're discussed in pretty much every review. I wasn't talking about movies like A Scanner Darkly, I was mostly talking about mainstream movies (as in something like Die Hard, or whatever horror movie, etc.) vs. mainstream games (Madden, Need for Speed, etc.). A Scanner Darkly deserves a different type of review just like ICO deserves something different. I'm still going back to the whole "how does it make you feel?" thing--Madden doesn't make me feel anything, ICO does, not just because of the plot but the whole presentation, from camera angles to lighting and effects. But as for mainstream, you wouldn't expect to read a lot about the effects in Die Hard, would you? What about sound? But in a mainstream game review, say Madden, you will be reading about graphics, and sound, and control, and everything else. As I said, once we reach a level where all that stuff in generally decent and people stop caring about graphics, and games really focus on being artistic, reviews will change. Would hearing about the film score make people less likely to go see [whatever] movie? (No.) What about learning what soundtrack is in "Lumines 2"? (Yes.) You also spend a lot less time seeing a movie than you do playing a game. I'm tired of trying to explain this, and it would probably take many more words to explain what I mean, so I'm going to stop.
  22. I dunno, my Sony camera has a mic input and I have wireless lav mics. Are you looking for a high quality (prosumer?) camera? I can't imagine they no longer have mic inputs, although the higher end ones probably have XLR inputs.
  23. I loved the world and even the characters (although non-pig would have been better, probably). I thought it was too easy, and the story was the weakest part. I agree with polytope... While I don't think it's the best game ever, I still love it and have fond memories of driving around in the hovercraft talking to the rhinos, etc. And I loved taking pictures. I really want a sequel, and they could easily fix the problems of the first. Oh, and the problem with pitching Psychonauts is that it's impossible to explain how every level is completely different. I wouldn't want to ruin the game for people by describing them all.
  24. All this 'new leaked info' about Wii...

    Honestly, when I read that it seems that they're saying they'd like to put it on the Wii, but porting it over would be too difficult because they'd have to scale back a lot of stuff--not that they think the Wii is crap. If they built it for the Wii it wouldn't be a problem, but it was designed for the other systems. It's like taking a GCN game and putting it on the DS--it just wouldn't work. That's not to say the DS doesn't rule. But maybe that's not what they meant. In regards to PS3 vs. 360, the biggest selling point for me is actually the controller. The 360's is amazing, the PS3's is crap. That makes a huge difference to me. They need to do an advertising campaign on that. "Hey, do you like using a controller that's six years old and still has the most used feature, the analog stick, in the wrong position? Do you enjoy hand cramps? You'll love the new PS3!"
  25. "How to Become a Better Videogame Journalist"

    I win! gamespot/myriad = 16,700! Holy.... IGN/myriad, dreamcast = 644 (how many Dreamcast games have been made?) Back to the original discussion in regards to movie reviews: movies are different. You don't need to discuss sound, because it's almost always good and basically unnoticeable. You don't have to discuss graphics, because there are none, save for special effects, which are usually fine, although sometimes horrible (Ultra Violet). There is no *control* in movies, there is no gameplay. Really the only thing that needs discussing is the PLOT. Therefore, it makes sense to write movie reviews from an artistic point. Game reviews, for the mainstream, not so much. Once we reach a point where graphics and sound and control no longer matter (because they're always good), and games really because artistic, absolutely. There are very few games out that I would really want to read an "artistic review" on--ICO is one. Specialized reviews, on the other hand, make sense. I like the fact that because there are big sites that cover all the standard bases, I can focus on one specific part of a game, or write every review in a different way if I feel like it. This all is, however, not to say that standard game reviews have to be boring and bland.