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  1. Borderlands

    The only achievements/missions I have left are 3 for Mad Moxxi. It's just so long!

    Cool guys don't look at explosions:
  3. Fund Tim Schafer's next game YOURSELF!

    Yeah, I understood about the annual thing, I was just commenting on the math. $200K/year is a pretty good salary to me.
  4. Fund Tim Schafer's next game YOURSELF!

    33K * 3 people = 100K annually, divided by 2 (for six months) = total budget of 50K. Am I not following you? Shouldn't it be: 300K budget / 3 people = 100K each for six months, which would be 200K annually? Of course there's music, voices, and whatever else they need to pay for that should be added in.
  5. Fund Tim Schafer's next game YOURSELF!

    Adjusted for inflation, it would cost ~$2,213,966.54 in 2011. So they're not really there yet, but they should make it.
  6. Fund Tim Schafer's next game YOURSELF!

    That's an interesting question -- if everyone who wants it pre-orders it, but all the extra money goes into making the game better, there will be zero profit. But then I guess they'd just start another Kickstarter for the next game.
  7. Happy Action Theater

    Awesome. I didn't catch that he was doing a thumbs up, though, so it took me forever to get that reference! My kinect isn't getting a whole lot of use, but I have a bunch of friends who would love playing with this! (Not druggies.)
  8. Fund Tim Schafer's next game YOURSELF!

    Yeah, I think it would be interesting to change the model a bit, though. What if, say, an album went on to sell millions after being funded by $15 donations (basically pre-orders)? They could give the initial backers their $15 back, so the backers got the album for free. If the album tanked, the backers wouldn't get any money back, but the album still got made so they're happy. It would encourage more people to get on board early for projects they believe in. (And it would be clear in the terms that the backers have no creative control.) It says on the page -- 33 days left. Amazon also takes 3-5%.
  9. Plug your shit

    Aw, thanks man!
  10. Plug your shit

    Yes (that strip is actually filed under the "semantics" category). The comic is about "grammar and words and stuff!" -- it's about writing in general, and anything related to language. Glad you're paying attention, though.
  11. Plug your shit

    I started a webcomic about grammar (no, really)! There are only six up so far, so you can easily go read them all if you're interested (first comic here), but here's my favorite:
  12. Psychonauts on Steam

    Man, and I just replayed the whole game on Xbox 1. Don't own it on Steam, but will definitely buy if it ever goes on sale (I have no problem buying it multiple times, I actually own three copies of the Xbox version, but I know I won't play the Steam version for a while). I really hope they do release an HD version on 360 though, day 1 buy!
  13. Plug your shit

    Oh, sorry, I never really check the non-"gaming" forums. Mods, feel free to merge.
  14. Plug your shit

    Last week I wrote about how GameStop is lying to everyone on their wish lists; every game is listed as a "hot item" with low quantities: See what other games are also considered "hot": HOT NEWS ITEM! GameStop's Wish List lies Today I'm trying to help them change their ways, and detailed some things they can do to be more open and honest, such as adding quotation marks: ...and adding asterisks: Read my full article here to see more: Cracked Rabbit Gaming: How to Fix
  15. Eric Chahi's Project Dust

    I just finished the rest of the challenges. They were all fairly short, and only a few of them are difficult (frustrating?). Some of the ideas in the challenges are really great, and it makes me wish the main game incorporated some of them (can't really be specific without spoiling them). Still, I loved the game, and hope they make a sequel or some great DLC. The thing that bugs me the most is how urgent the whole game is. You barely have any time to breathe in some levels because a tsunami is coming, or fire is about to burn everything down. The challenges are basically puzzles, but they always take multiple tries because you need to start building immediately, before you even know what to do. For instance, I wish you could trigger the tsunami, so it was more about figuring it out, completing the steps at your own pace, and then sending the tsunami when you're ready (more likely they would increase the timer to, say, 10 minutes, and then give you a "fast forward" button).