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  1. Could it be? Nights on Wii? GLEE!

    I'm so happy about this. Been waiting sooo long. From the screenshots, the art style and quirkiness seem to have been retained.
  2. Okami

    I was so excited for Okami, played it for about 40 hours, and quit because it wouldn't end. I, too, said I'd go back to it, but mannnnnnnn. I should look and see where I am and how many dungeons are left. I don't care about 100% completion, I just want to see the end! I loved Bully, it only took about 15 hours to beat, too.
  3. Flashback: long lost sequels and things

    Duuudeee...I love Flashback. I would have loved for a GBA sequel to come out! Thanks for posting it.
  4. Elebits

    GAF seems to really like it, for what that's worth, heh. I love the whole "trash the whole house" concept, although in later levels they restrict what you can do. If he likes Garry's mod, then I can't imagine he'll be disappointed -- even if he doesn't like the main game.
  5. Elebits

    Well I don't even have a Wii yet , but I've seen a bunch of videos of Elebits and it looks fun. One of the best parts though: Edit mode! There are some YouTube videos of it, if you haven't seen them. People are already doing Rube Goldberg stuff, just like Garry's mod with HL2. Unfortunately you have to trade levels with friend codes, rather than a central database. Still, maybe there will be a fansite with lists of friend codes of people who are willing to send levels or something (limit of one send per day I think, double ).
  6. Wii heat

    Back to the original topic, if you haven't seen it: GAF thread about this topic. I still can't find a Wii, so...I HOPE YOURS BURNS, MIFFY!
  7. Elite Beat Agents videos (4 songs)

    Nice! That game looks great, I'll definitely look for it, or ebay it. Thanks.
  8. Guitar Hero II (are the song selections localized?)

    Konga is really easy, but don't worry, GH has four difficulty modes. Even on easy it's tons of fun (easy only uses 3 buttons instead of all 5). Get it!
  9. Elite Beat Agents videos (4 songs)

    I put up an EBA faq, although it's not very big yet: I'll be adding screenshots and things at some point.
  10. Okami

    Argh! I was actually 33 hours in. I just played for 3 more hours, and yet, "your quest is long from over." End already!
  11. Okami

    I'm about 29 hours in, so I think I'm close to the end. It's amazing, but yeah I guess there hasn't been much that's made me scream, "holy shit that's awesome!!!" There are some (more) creative levels later on, but it's still missing something. I hate how you barely use a lot of the brush techniques. You learn a technique, use it twice, and never use it again. I can't remember the last time I used the "heal" technique, or the vine one, etc. Rather than using them all, and combining them to figure out puzzles, you only need the last few. Weak. Also I can't stand the texture overlay.
  12. Psychonauts is one of my favorite games (it's actually how I found this forum in the first place, hah). I tell everyone to buy it, but my friend in the Navy couldn't find it. He just got out of the Navy (home for good), and we went to TRU. I found the Xbox version for $10.48! I made him buy it. Later I wished that I had bought another one, just because. They're currently having a buy 2 get 1 free sale on all video games, so we went back. I got Okami, but I couldn't find anything else I wanted, so I got (the last) two copies of Psychonauts (one free). The dude there told me they were on clearance, so they were 20% off! $8, or cheaper if you're getting three games! Crazy. Kinda sad too. Don't worry, I'm not some prick reseller who buys all the clearance games and sells them on ebay, I just got them to give as gifts or whatever (and you can never have too many Psychonauts!).
  13. Guitar Hero? Yes!

    ... .... *ducks*
  14. Probably everyone who's ever played Donkey Konga has had the idea to play more than one bongo at once. I bet a lot of people have tried it. I figured I could do it, and it would make a good video. I realize this is nothing compared to a Pop'n Music video, but keep in mind that DK wasn't designed for this. In this video I play the Pokemon Theme in Quartet Mode (4-player) by myself, and get four full combos. Donkey Konga: Serious Business Choose a Site: GameTrailers | GameSpot | Download Hi-Res: DivX (38MB) -- Temp link. Get now. Much more info here on CRG.
  15. Wow, wired, destructoid, and joystiq blogged it. Neat. Next time I put up a video I'm gonna do a "guess how many hair comments there will be" game. You know, like the "guess how many jellybeans are in the jar" game? miffy: playing Duet mode by yourself is a lot of fun, although some songs pretty much just go back and forth. A lot of the Quartet songs just get too crazy, which is why I chose Pokemon (I wouldn't have otherwise!). Like you'll have to drum roll, and clap, and hit weird beats on the other bongos at the same time. Yeah...I'm not going to memorize all of that! Wrestlevania: The next time you're near Chicago, come over and you can play a whole bunch. Yeah it would probably be cheaper to just buy them yourself.
  16. Heh, yeah...I gave my reasoning on the info page. It really was just a great [note chart] for this.
  17. UPDATE: DivX versions available to download on the Downloads page. Also, more sites added: Video 1: Guitar Hero II demo - Strutter (expert) with fingering! Choose a Site: GameTrailers | GameSpot | (skip the first minute if you hate me) I did this so people (who haven't bought the demo) could see what expert looks like. It has a lot of three-button-chords, which are new to GH2. At the same time, I decided to show the live-action part of it (frets/strum on the plastic guitar), and put it at the top of the video. I flipped the video so it's a mirror image, that way the colors match up, making it easier to follow along. So while this was just meant to show a new song, it's a pretty good video to send to friends who have never seen the game before, or people who are having trouble with chords and finger positions, and want to see a good shot of it. Video 2: Guitar Hero Playing Positions Choose a Site: GameTrailers | GameSpot | A video demonstration of some different playing positions for Guitar Hero. Included are positions such as "flat," "upright bass," "cross arm," and more, all done during a single song (You Got Another Thing Comin' - Hard)! Finished with a five star review. ---------------- You can read my original post about the videos on my site. It has a lot more information, so please check it out if you liked either of the videos: Cracked Rabbit Gaming info page Also, here's a fun Far Cry Instincts video (speed run-ish) I made if you haven't already seen it.
  18. Yep. I've been playing it with my friends. It's so nice that you can choose separate difficulties now! GH2 is going to own!
  19. Great place to get sex outfits! ("That's what she said!") You know she's done when she whistles. Clap!
  20. I know! This exchange was cute: I think that pretty much sums up every discussion on the internet (if you replace KISS with ).
  21. Yep, I just saw that! Man, things over at YouTube are insane! Right now it's at 20,000 views, and has 13 "honors"! Like "most discussed" in the video games category. The big ones are: #26 - Most Discussed (Today) - All #17 - Most Viewed (Today) - All #50 - Top Favorites (Today) - All Comments are always amusing. We have the "play real guitar, faggot!" side and the "it's just a game, chill out!" side going at it:
  22. CliffyB qotm

    This thread needs more pics in order to make an accurate assessment. Okay. What was this thread about again?
  23. Surprisingly, GAF was totally cool (the goth/metro comment was funny, not mean). All the stupid comments were from Kotaku (now I'm a "f*cking faggot":rolleyes: , so original), and comments on GT or YouTube (majority were positive though). It really doesn't bother me though, I'm so used to it. While I was walking down the street in S.F. a couple years ago, some guy wanted to fight me because of my hair, apparently. I was puzzled.
  24. I was actually expecting a lot worse. It's weird though, my hair isn't THAT uncommon. Go to any punk show and half of them will have similar hair. It's not something you see every day normally, but they all act like I'm the only one ever! I got a few comments about how the second video's song was easy, and that "[their] friends/girlfriend could do that." Well, just in case the rest of the internet hasn't met their friends, I put it up anyway.