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  1. Crock Band

    Yes! Raised some other scores too.
  2. Beyond Better & Evil!

    Yes yes yes please! I really loved the world of the first one.
  3. Holy Peripherals, God!

    I actually have Steel Battalion, and have barely played it. Most of the buttons aren't really even used. I think that's the game people on youtube accuse me of playing.
  4. Crock Band

    Yeah, I have a "real" electronic drumset (and actually Drummania uses all the pads but no hi-hat pedal), and I have a few books but I do want to get some more. I mostly just play Rock Band now because we play so much that there's no reason to go play more drums afterwards.
  5. Guitar Hero 4 "Not Just About Guitars"

    Well the theory is that you won't be able to upload mp3s or anything like that -- you'll need to create note charts by actually (physically) playing the songs through a MIDI interface, and then the software will make sure it's all in time and stuff. But of course people will figure out how to get "real" songs on there somehow. Also: I don't want to buy more drums.
  6. Crock Band

    Haha, nah, I've never played any real instruments or been in a band; I just started playing Drummania a few years ago and really loved it.
  7. Crock Band

    I just recorded a podcast all about drum mods with a friend of mine, and also made a quick video showing the different mods I have on my drums. You can see it all here: My drums are working pretty well now!
  8. So, this "GTA 4" thing then... pretty much do it justice though, but it's still cool. I took a helicopter as close as I could, letting the blades hit the side, and jumped out. I just barely landed on the ledge.
  9. So, this "GTA 4" thing then...

    The % is everything -- I beat the game and I'm at 60-something percent, because I still have side missions.
  10. So, this "GTA 4" thing then...

    I beat it yesterday, coming in at 30:30. I fucked around a ton at the beginning of the game. I'm trying to decide if I want to go back to a 29hr saved game and try to get through the last few missions. I think I can do it, just don't know if it's really worth the trouble. There's a video on the "Inside Xbox Live" or whatever from the dashboard, though I didn't do it that way either. I jumped in a helicopter, landed on a building with no stairs, but one that had a balcony with a roof, and had to keep shooting helicopters to get my wanted level up to six (it actually took a while, because I couldn't see over the railing to shoot people on the ground). I'm still messing around with the game of course, going to do most of the side missions, and I want to just explore and whatnot.
  11. Crock Band

    Yeah, but most USB mics should work, and they're very cheap (ebay).
  12. Crock Band

    It's tempting to try playing alone, but I haven't tried it yet. I basically don't know anyone who can play higher than medium -- except my cousin, so when he was here we cleared out a bunch of the "hard-only" setlists, but we only had a few hours. I'm still waiting for my roommates to get better at the game, but they just don't play enough. We unlocked the endless setlist, but haven't done it yet. We also haven't cleared *any* city completely yet, because we're so sick of some of the songs. We have over 100 total songs now, and have lots of RB parties, but like you, it's always quickplay. How many songs does everyone else have so far?
  13. It's not really a game,
  14. Crock Band

    Yeah -- I don't really like the songs either, but I have to get it just for the challenge. Thrasher is probably the hardest guitar song to come out: ...and "Blinded by Fear" is one of the hardest drum songs -- or at least one of the fastest/most notes. It's a pretty basic pattern, and not even as hard as Blackened: How about that new in-game store?! Love it. Have you had any lag issues since the patch? Other people are reporting it, but it seems okay for us. We use manual calibration, and since the patch the actual numbers changed (from 60/0 to 25/-20) but it's still fine.
  15. Crock Band

    Miffy, have you played "Thrasher" on guitar yet? Looks fun, I haven't gotten that pack yet though -- and we only have the (kinda broken) RB guitar still, so I dunno....
  16. Patapon

    Nice, I didn't know it was that long. Now that my roommate has a PS3, I'm going to have to convince him with pie and cookies to let me play it. I can't find a number, but I think there are around six? From what I've heard on 1up, it actually becomes a very deep strategy game -- which makes me a little nervous actually, since I'm more of a rhythm person (*dreads playing same level ten times in a row*). Also: "Progress made in the demo version of Patapon (including the acquiring of a special demo-only weapon, The Spear of Protection) is transferable to the full retail release so players can resume progress from where they left off in the demo."
  17. Breakdown [Xbox]

    I got about halfway through the game, and I think I'm done with it. They should have subtitled it, "Breakdown: Identical Grey Hallways." There are some interesting concepts for sure -- drinking Coke in first person looks cool. I'm still not sure why everything takes so many button presses. I have to hit X to "bring up my hand"?? Then X to pick something up. Then X a third time to eat/use it. Blocking by clicking the left analog sucks. Having a third of the screen covered by your gun is annoying, and having 2/3 of it covered by blocking is worse. The story kept me interested, and I wanted to keep playing to see the rest, but I just wasn't having fun with it. I have much better games I could be playing, and not a ton of time. I really liked all the tripped out scenes though, like the talking blood on the wall, ghost cats, etc. Also when you're Have you played "Second Sight"? There was a very cool, kinda similar (but better, I think) twist in that. Also MASSIVE SPOILER, for a better game, so go play it if you haven't: ----------- EDIT: Regarding the spoiler in Breakdown -- I just read a "plot faq" because I wanted to know what happened. You left out a huge part of the twist! After reading the whole plot, I really do want to see the rest of the game! But I don't want to play it. Where are the speedrunners when you need them?
  18. [Note: my site is on a new server now, so I swear the links will work!] I just put up a Rabbit Run showing one of the battles in the game, using as many weapons as I could. You can watch the embedded YouTube version on my site, and read the run notes, but I highly recommend downloading the hi-res divx version (37MB) if possible. The video is only 3 minutes long, and has a totally unnecessary PiP view of the controller as I'm playing, for reasons explained on the page. I also put up the intro of the game, with some of the gameplay. I like it, because the game begins with your death. While I was at it, I wrote a quick review of the game. Even quicker review: inexpensive, fun, short, easy.
  19. It is fairly standard, but the big thing is all the different weapons and powers you can use (as evident in the rabbit run vid). No, it really doesn't feel like Deus Ex. It's very linear and "normal" in that sense.
  20. Undertow

    Oh shit! I saw "host a match" and just assumed it was talking about online, so I didn't bother clicking. Thanks!
  21. Guitar Hero III (and demo!)

    Damn. Well you can still do the "hold blue" technique, you'll just have to strum. There's a bonus song in GH3 with non-HOPO trills, and it really pissed me off.
  22. Undertow

    I think it's a fun little game -- but your team AI sucks, as mentioned. I beat the game on normal in a few hours, with not much help from my team. In some games they couldn't hang on to ONE damn control point! I wish it were possible to play split screen co-op, and I'm sure multiplayer is really where the game is at, but I'm not interested in that. Oh, and the one character (down on the d-pad, shoots missiles) is the best one. Pretty much the only one I used through the whole game. Long range, decent firing rate, powerful.
  23. Guitar Hero III (and demo!)

    That's a trill. They're not as hard as you think, if you know how to do them. Are they hammer-ons (white notes)? If so, hold down the "lower" fret (let's say the two notes are blue/orange, so hold blue). Strum the first note only, then tap orange, let go of the orange to hit the blue (but never let go of blue), tap orange, etc. So really you just have to tap orange on beat, you don't even have to strum. Does that make sense? If you miss a note in the middle, you'll have to strum once to restart the HOPO "chain."
  24. Crock Band

    Covers don't really bother me, but masters are always preferred. Someone mentioned that "The Number of the Beast" was a cover so they could tone down the drum difficulty. In cases like sense I guess, but why not just make the chart easier? On everything but expert you're never playing all the notes anyway.
  25. Breakdown [Xbox]

    Weird, I've been meaning to play this for years (I bought it a while ago), and literally had it in my hands a few days ago, about to put it in -- then I decided to play Bioshock instead (just beat it an hour ago). So now I'm back to meaning to play it.