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  1. Crock Band

    I forgot to mention that we have an Elite. So...I guess they're not much better, heatsink-wise. Or maybe it was caused by something entirely different, I dunno.
  2. Crock Band

    You jinxed us! We just got the RROD today for the first time ever! :tdown: :tdown: At least I got to play the Disturbed songs a few times before it happened, but arrrggghhhh.
  3. Crock Band

    *cough*freedisturbed2songpackyouweresupposedtobuytheCDfor*cough* Act now while supplies last! (actually I don't think there's even a way to stop this considering there's no way to tell who actually bought the CD and who didn't, at this point, unless they want to be a total pain in the ass to everyone...) Not that I condone this sort of behavior. You should all be ashamed of yourselves for even reading this post. They're only a buck each, so it's not really a big deal, but you know. Lots of bass on the drums. Lots. My pedal practically broke.
  4. Where is everybody?

    I just beat The Darkness and have been playing Viva Pinata (got it new for $4!), and more Rock Band.
  5. Rhythm Tengoku DS!!!!

  6. Crock Band

    I FINALLY BEAT GREEN GRASS AND HIGH TIDES ON EXPERT GUITAR! Took some practice mode and three tries, with careful overdrive usage. I haven't played it since we first got the game, and was determined to finally beat it. I ended up not using any "tricks" at all, just moved my fingers as fast as I could that's what she said. Then we played some four-player for the first time. It was...difficult. Man, each part is so much smaller compared to only guitar/drums. Maybe on a widescreen it's fine. Or maybe it was just a really bad juxtaposition since I had been playing Solo for a couple hours.
  7. Beyond Better & Evil!

    I hope there's lots of photography in BG&E2, that was one of my favorite parts of the first game. I have no idea why, but I find photography in games really fun (yes, I have Pokemon Snap, and it was the best part of the LOST game).
  8. Rhythm Tengoku DS!!!!

    You need near perfect timing to play the game, so if there's *any* slowdown at all with the emulator, you're going to have a huge disadvantage.
  9. Beyond Better & Evil!

  10. Call of Duty 4

    I beat it on Veteran, I have the achievement to prove it! Okay, yeah, I played cheap. And by that I mean but even so, the last part actually was really tough, because So it was still pretty awesome. But I really hated that part of the game too, even on normal difficulty. I LOVED everything before (and after) it though.
  11. Rhythm Tengoku DS!!!!

    I don't know, sorry. I really didn't bother trying to get all the perfects, and no guide has the answer.
  12. Crock Band

    Oh, yeah, I'm not sure how you do it over there in the UK. We just go here. --- SUCCESS! I finally 5-starred Reaper and "Fooled"!! :tup: The only song I have left to 5* in the main setlist is Run to the Hills! Argh! I don't play it often. I bought "Kool Thing." Even though I'm not a fan of the song, it's ranked as one of the hardest, and I admit it is really fun to drum to. Only 4 stars so far though. I also raised a bunch of my other scores (I didn't realize Bonus songs count towards your solo leaderboard rank!), and am ranked around #552 now (if the freakin' leaderboard would update). Still working my way up. Before today I was at around #690ish, so that's quite a jump from just a few songs.
  13. Crock Band

    Not yet...technically it's my roommate's, but I don't know if he'll ever get around to sending it back. Now that I have a Les Paul, we don't have to worry about being guitar-less for a bit (I know you can have them send first though). Yeah, definitely send that back.
  14. So, this "GTA 4" thing then...

    Yes. Oh man, there was this one mission where I had to drive three guys to a warehouse and then have a big shootout. Well, the warehouse was on that little island thing under the bridge, so there was no easy way to get to it -- you had to drive to the bridge, all the way across the bridge, then loop around. Since I had to take those guys, I couldn't use a cab. During the shootout, enemies continually spawned and my guys kept dying, meaning I had to start it over again like five times, which would be fine except I couldn't take a cab there! That mission pissed me off more than any other, and of course finally I realized there was a pretty easy way to get through it because:
  15. Guitar Hero 4 "Not Just About Guitars"

    I saw those at GameStop the other day. I loved the "10 jaw dropping track SEGMENTS!" label.
  16. Rhythm Tengoku DS!!!!

    Oh, I remember! It's one of my favorite games! Yaaaaay! :tup:
  17. Crock Band

    The timing window? It's definitely narrow if you compare it to GH3, but probably about equal to GH2 -- advice: CALIBRATE! Again and again. And again and again and again ("from different angles!"). It's now 7 months later and I'm STILL finding that the calibration was/is off, and it makes a huge difference. Mess with the second calibration number a lot, and strum purposely early and late to make sure it's "centered." I really wish I had a Strat that actually worked (if those even exist), so I could really compare, but I'm so happy to finally have a Les Paul! I don't know if it's even the click that I like, or just the non-mushiness of the bar, so you can feel when you're actually "hitting." I still love the fret buttons on the strat though. Did you watch my little video of my mods? You can hear me drum on my gum rubber (with the game off). It's not as dramatic in the video since I don't compare it to the non-modded, but I'm sure you get the idea. Which songs have you bought so far?
  18. Crock Band

    I finally got a Les Paul! I can actually gold-star songs now! I literally haven't played Solo guitar mode since I got the game, but I guess now I'll go back through all the songs. Mostly I got it so we can finally play the "full" game with four people. I heard there were some issues with the Les Pauls though, because of the detachable neck. Have any of you experienced that? Mine seems fine, the only problem is that sometimes sustains fail but maybe I'm just not pressing hard enough.
  19. So, this "GTA 4" thing then...

    I killed him anyway. I killed them all. The game let me.
  20. 50 Cent: Blood On The Sand

    50 Cent: MacGuffin
  21. Guitar Hero 4 "Not Just About Guitars"

    I just got the new GI so I read the whole article. I noticed that the drum lanes are in a weird order -- the left cymbal is #2, but the right cymbal is #5. So it's (P = pad): PCPPC even though the actual drum setup is: PCPCP. I guess they did that because Rock Band has the hi-hat as #2, so they just threw the new cymbal on the very outside? That's going to make rolling around the pads kind of weird to read (although Drummania has the bass pedal in the center lane, so it's also broken up). The song sharing certainly is interesting, and if that means there's going to be a whole bunch of FREE songs to download (even with no vocals), then it could be worth it eventually. I also wonder if they're going to be competitive with their DLC pricing. The other cool thing is the way they're doing the solo career mode: you can switch difficulties between songs, and even switch instruments. You can skip songs if you don't feel like playing them, even if they're on the setlist. Definitely improvements over RB. Still, fuck you Neversoft/Activision (unless the RB drums work somehow, which they won't).
  22. So, this "GTA 4" thing then...

    Yep, I read that in the manual. And actually, the guy for the station I was referring to is from SNL:
  23. Crock Band

    Just five-starred Date with the Night and Siva! Gold-starred The Kill! I'm still pretty terrible at Siva...for some reason that song is hard to read. Anyone who's playing drums, get Date with the Night! It's probably my favorite song in the whole game to play. It has a really fun and interesting rhythm (not so much if you're playing on Medium, dunno about Hard). I went back and played some of the bonus songs since they're actually fun to play now with good drums. Am I the only one who always hears Hellen from Vagiant singing "I'll fuck your next girlfriend if she breaks your heart" in the song Seven? (Real lyrics: "I'll rough up your next...")
  24. So, this "GTA 4" thing then...

    Whoa, someone had fun naming all of these files. I was hoping someone would do this -- I rushed through the game and really didn't get to listen to the stations (and even if I hadn't rushed, you still only hear pieces). I don't have a 360 in my room, so unless I wanted to just pause the game and sit for hours in my living room.... EDIT: Holy shit that's awesome! I so would have called if I had known about that!
  25. Crock Band

    It's really easy to make your own pedal (if you have the money to buy a cheap real pedal). Since your pedal is broken and you're not sending it back, you can even break it apart and use the sensor from it (though the parts only cost $6 to buy separately). Instructions with lots of photos throughout the thread: Also, here's the podcast/video I did about drum modding, if you're interested. I kind of doubt it. There has been at least one other version of drums (since the two originals), but they're really not any better. Since they need to keep costs down, I don't think you're going to see any significant difference. I posted a bunch of links on the podcast page, but the ScoreHero forum has lots of great stuff, especially the Drum Modding 101 thread.