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  1. Crock Band

    Miffy, have you downloaded "Snow (hey oh)"? Unless you really hate the song, you have to play it! Expert guitar is an exercise in endurance. I took turns with my cousin, and we both beat it after a couple tries, but man, we were in the red a lot.
  2. Crock Band

    It takes a while to update, so that might be the problem. Is it working now? Did everyone see the GI scans for RB2?: Check out the L.E. Ion drumset! Mmmmm. I really might have to buy that thing, if it's responsive enough and doesn't cost a TON. Hoping it'll be $250 or less. I actually don't really even care about the cymbals, since they're optional anyway. I just want a solid base kit. Two nights ago I was a pixel away from 5-starring Perfect Drug! I definitely would have had it if not for my shitty pads, because even on the easy part it dropped a note and broke my multiplier. EDIT: Well that didn't take long. The Ion set costs $299. :\ I still hope you'll be able to buy the set sans-cymbals for less. More Info
  3. Guitar Hero III (and demo!)

    That was always the case! In the early games I played through on Hard, and by the time I got to expert I had almost everything unlocked. So my cousin is over now, and he forgot to bring GH:A! Oh well.
  4. Guitar Hero III (and demo!)

    Yeah, Rocks the 80s has awesome music. I haven't played GH:A yet, but this weekend my cousin is coming over and is bringing it. I'm not very excited.
  5. Crock Band

    Absolutely, it won't be compatible. The drum setup wouldn't exactly work anyway, since sometimes you have to roll across all four pads. On the GH drums that would mean rolling up onto the cymbal (acting as a floor tom) which would be awkward. And Activision are dicks. I'm hoping some amazing company makes some universal drums, though I still wouldn't expect them to be as good as the Stealth Heads. Or maybe someone will make a MIDI adapter that lets you (easily) use an electric set in both games. That might actually make me leave my Yamaha set downstairs since I play RB so damn much.
  6. Spore demo leaked

    That's funny, I just started (and stopped) playing it a few weeks ago. I loved Magic Pengel, and kept meaning to play GK. The game itself really isn't great, so I didn't play much (and thus, probably didn't unlock a ton of the stuff in the editor). It's quite hard to use, because you literally have to DRAW each object, and then tell it what depth it should have -- there are NO "pieces" to choose from, from what I saw. I watched the first video you posted, and that made my head explode. I have no idea how they were doing all that stuff (erasing, then putting it back, etc.). So I'm not much help, heh. I'm sure Spore is 1000x easier to use, though.
  7. Crock Band

    I think we can be pretty sure it is. I don't trust Harmonix to make hardware (even though we only have RB1 to go on). I can't imagine theirs would be even close to the Stealth Heads (haven't used them, though).
  8. Crock Band

    IGN sucks (aside from the sentence fragment and missing question mark). A much better question would have been: Toblix: I would imagine it'll be a while before you see RB2, wouldn't you? If I were you, I'd probably wait anyway for better instruments (and I mean different instruments, not the so-called improved second-gen ones with RB1). As far as everything else goes, there's no other reason not to get RB1 -- your instruments and DLC will work in RB2, so it's not like you'd be "losing" money. And speaking of instruments, MY FUCKING DRUMS SUCK! I just can't get the blue pad to work correctly now. Somehow I was able to gold star "Move Along," but everything else was terrible and I couldn't keep any streak going (I was 4-starring songs I should 100%). Now I'm really trying to get some "Stealth Heads" because I'm just so sick of dealing with these things.
  9. Crock Band

    It has to be on Expert, and you need good overdrive usage. It's something like 1.6 x [base score] = gold stars. So you can miss some notes and still get gold if you had good OD, or 100% and not get gold (and in some very annoying songs, gold is impossible to get -- which, incidentally, I just referenced yesterday).
  10. Crock Band

    Random anecdote for the day: I've been re-playing through guitar career, since all those scores were with the broken Strat (and I just finished). Well I was playing through "Welcome Home," and my roommate walked in and jokingly said, "I don't see no gold stars!" I was at the very end of the song, and the Big Rock Ending came up. I had made some dumb mistakes, so I didn't think I'd get it, but right at the end of the BRE the "ding" sound came on, and I got gold. "Ohhhhh!!" I yelled back at him, laughing. Then the same thing happened on the next song, Highway Star, but he wasn't watching. Seriously, some other people need to post in this thread more, or I'll just be talking to myself the whole time.
  11. Crock Band

    YES! I also started adding some scores to ScoreHero -- see sig for link. I'll add a lot more later, those were just some I had screenshots of.
  12. Crock Band

    It's a brand new one. It's pretty quiet, although I don't remember how loud the old one was. Since it's in our living room, we sit pretty far away, and the surround sound is always turned up pretty loud.
  13. Crock Band

    We finally got our new 360! It was supposed to come last Friday, so I waited ALL DAY for it (I didn't have any plans, but still), and basically just played my DS in my room with the door open so I could hear the doorbell. Well, at 9PM I noticed a note on our door saying they came and no one answered. Turns out, you can't hear the doorbell from my room! Arrrggghhhhhh. But we have it now, and all is well. I 5-starred Critical Acclaim, just like I said I would (first try!), so now I don't have to play it again. Avenged Sevenfold quote: Funny how out of the two Rock Band songs, one is political (anti-democrat), and the other is (somewhat) religious. (hey, he called me a mother fucker first!)
  14. Spore demo leaked

  15. Guitar Hero 4 "Not Just About Guitars" Lots of info, but nothing all that new in there if you read Game Informer.
  16. Spore demo leaked

    Haha, awesome. (I didn't make any of these) Stitch: Pikmin: Donald Duck?? Grunt: Master Chief? ------------ ------------
  17. Spore demo leaked

    Sporepedia -- it's crazy how fast it's being populated. Refresh immediately and there'll be 100 more added. It's going to be insane once the full game is released. Remember, you can get any of those creatures just by saving the PNG file and dragging it into the editor. Cool shit.
  18. Crock Band

  19. Crock Band

    SINGLE PEDAL MOTHER FUCKERS! More specifically, this pedal (click for large): I modded my Yamaha pedal, and it's fucking perfect now. PERFECT! (we didn't get our xbox back, a friend brought one over) Hammerhead is a great song, and really hard -- only 4-starred so far, as you can see from my sig, but I only played it twice. Will definitely 5-star Critical Acclaim next time.
  20. Spore demo leaked

    Well now I want to get the game just so I can make him a friend who will give him a hug.
  21. Blast Works

    Well I don't know about their marketing, but I've been hearing lots about it from game videos/podcasts for a while. Although I often forgot what the hell it was from the name.
  22. Crock Band

    My roommate dropped ours (his) off in the mail yesterday I believe. The race is on, ThunderPeel. No fair you got a head start.
  23. Crock Band

    This week's DLC is awesome. They're all really fun to drum to, even the song I don't like so much. I like having songs I've never heard before, because I won't get sick of them as fast. Now if only I could actually play them IN the game....
  24. Crock Band

    For anyone who hasn't heard, apparently the 60-day warranty is now in effect. :tdown: :tdown: We never sent back our Strat because we figured we'd just get another broken one, so we were going to wait....
  25. Crowd control - Eurogamer article

    I feel your pain, I type Dvorak -- fortunately this keyboard is switchable to QWERTY, and I don't play many PC games anyway.