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  1. Crock Band

    Has anyone transferred the RB1 songs to HD yet? We're going to do it eventually, but I'm so sick of those songs I don't want them in RB2 for a couple months. The patch also makes gold stars easier to get, which is nice (I've gotten a couple more, even with my crappy drums), though it cheapens it a bit and makes all my previous GSs less special. Also: yay more Jonathan Coulton!
  2. Geometry Wars 2!

    Yes! Now there'll be more than just Miffy on my leaderboards space! Now that I have all the achievements except Smile, I don't know how often I'll be playing it, though, heh.
  3. Games with musical numbers

    I own it, and beat it. I'm not crazy about RPGs, but I love musicals! I should point out, it's coming to the DS soon! (okay, the game isn't that great, but whatever, I liked it)
  4. Braid

    How short is it? [EDIT: I've been reading it's about 5 hours.] I was really excited about this game, but the demo didn't blow me away. It's still cool, and the art is beautiful. My roommate said he'll probably buy it though, so I guess it doesn't matter! $15 is a bit much, especially since I haven't bought N+, etc. yet. I need my points for Rock Band!
  5. Geometry Wars 2!

    I beat Sequence! Zero lives left, and I used my last bomb on the final stage, but I made it! It was during my first try yesterday -- like I said, I'm always the best right at the beginning. I also got the Wax Off achievement! That was pretty damn tough (same one the guy was trying to get in the video I posted above). Now the only one I have left is Smile, but I don't think I even want to TRY getting that. I'm definitely getting a lot better at Sequence though, there are a bunch of levels I can do without bombs that I never thought were possible before -- like the one with ALL the waves, but also snakes. Or the one with tons of purple boxes.
  6. Geometry Wars 2!

    Anyone who isn't playing and wants to know how we're feeling with these achievements, (you don't have to watch the whole thing).I still haven't fucking beaten Sequence! I got to the last level again, and keep coming really close, but screwing up on easy stuff. There were times when I really should have used a bomb, and that would have saved me a life, which, in the final level, would have meant I would have won. I want to murder someone. This isn't that hard! I can do it! I keep fucking it up! And the more I play, the worse I get. When I first got the game, I never failed on the one Sequence level with those guys who fly at you, and you can only shoot them in the back. Level 10. I could beat that every time (without a bomb)...but I can't remember exactly how I was doing it. Now, I can't beat that for the life of me (without a bomb). On the bright side, you know the level with only green guys? I finally beat that one without using a bomb! It just takes so long, but I finally did it with barely any time left. The one with the bubbles/green guys, I still haven't beaten in time -- I can get down to just the bubbles, but they take forever to kill, unless I'm missing some trick. Also: if you haven't heard -- when playing, hold RB and hit BACK. It's cool.
  7. Geometry Wars 2!

    Haha, well you can actually change that if you go to Settings, and it'll display your personal best.
  8. Geometry Wars 2!

    Agreed -- especially for Deadline, you really have to go for geoms to get a high score, which means you really can't retreat as much as before. I'm still terrible at it though. I got the Rebound achievement (bounce bullets off gates) and that was actually my high I guess I should do that more often. That one was fun, have you tried: Phobia Score 1,000 points in Waves without collecting any geoms. Sounds easy, doesn't it? I got it, but that took some tries. You obviously can't shoot your way through a wave, or you'll get a geom, so you need to really pay attention and dodge them all. Damn. I only have three achievements left to get: Wax Off [Fucking hard! Wax On is so easy, but damn this gets tough.] Game Over (Reach the end of sequence.) [i got to the very last level, but died. I think that was the time my roommate walked in front of the tv, too, so I'm just going to blame it all on him. I'll definitely get this one soon.] Smile [Yeah...this isn't going to happen in the near future, shit.] Oh, and I got 70 Million in Pacifism. GW was never a game I liked to play for very long though (in one sitting). GW2 mixes it up a lot more, so you don't get as bored, but I still don't like to do the same thing over and over again. If anyone wants to compare scores, add me: Tommy Gun CRG
  9. PixelJunk Eden

    I've been looking forward to this game (although I don't own a PS3). Maybe my roommate will buy it -- too bad his TV is a horrible, old projection tv.
  10. ‫‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮Mirror's Edge

    EWWWW, not in the ████!! I saw pictures of that on the internet once, and haven't recovered. Also: 0101011101101000011000010111010000100000011101010111000000100000011110010110000101101100011011000011111100100000001000000100101001110101011100110111010000100000011000110110100001101001011011000110110001101001011011100010011100100000011101110110100101110100001000000110110101100001011010000010000001110100011010000111010101101101011000100111001100101100001000000110001001101001011101000110001101101000011001010111001100100001
  11. The Shittiest Game Design

    What was the problem with it? I honestly don't know, because I literally never had to load a saved game in PH -- I beat the whole game by closing my DS in between sessions. Also: TIM is awesome. I beat the final boss in Dead Rising when I realized I had zero time left and couldn't win, even though I defeated the boss.
  12. Crock Band

    Wow, I actually got a response from ION about whether they'll sell the RB brain separately! The thread I started about it is up to 11 pages now on the Rock Band forums. Also: Shinedown sucks. Did not buy.
  13. No More Heroes

    Oh no dude, not at all. They lack FOUNTAINS OF BLOOD.
  14. ‫‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮Mirror's Edge

    ¿noʎ ʇ,uop 'uʍop-əpısdn ƃuıpɐəɹ ɹəlooɔ ʎɐʍ s,ʇı ʞuıɥʇ ı
  15. ‫‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮Mirror's Edge

    Ever since I saw an article about it in Game Informer a while back, I've been really excited. I love parkour, and first-person games, and interesting color palettes, so I can't wait for this game. It really sounds like my thing too -- lots of checkpoints, but tough gameplay. From the previews I've read/heard, you will die a lot in this game, because it does not help you at all with the jumps (which is good, in my book). There's a video of a live demo of the first level.
  16. Rhythm Tengoku DS!!!!

    Videos are up, if you haven't seen them: Sadness is accompanied by joy, and it would turn dark after snow as well.
  17. Crock Band

    I finally 5*'d The Perfect Drug and Thrasher! I kind of fixed my was just enough that they didn't break streaks as often. Oh, and speaking of OD/SP, did you hear that hyperspeed is finally in the game?! Of course, now it's called...Breakneck speed.
  18. Crock Band

  19. Monkey Ball ipod

    That's what the 1up review said; it's just way too sensitive to play. I don't have an iPhone, so I won't be playing it anytime soon, so I'd like to hear your thoughts, Miffy. I hate that they're back to the "10 levels in a row" to pass, though. I thought SMB2 did it the best, allowing you to beat any ten(?) stages out of the group to move to the next world.
  20. Crock Band

    Well the ION kits WILL work with GHWT -- they're RB drums, and RB drums work in GHWT. But what I was wondering was if they'll be able to work with all 5 pads. The cymbals are just copies of the other pads, so it probably won't work, and the kit should be detected as RB drums, so no matter what you'll probably get 4 lanes only. I guess I just need to wait until people start making adapters for all these games. Yes, any electronic kit will work, as long as it has MIDI out -- but you'll have to plug them into the GH drums! So again, I hope someone eventually makes a separate adapter.
  21. Crock Band

    They actually did something right!: That might be weird, though, compressing it into 4 pads...RB can do it because it's made that way, it's not auto -- unless GH will actually have two sets of note charts. Also, MIDI adapter on the drumset, great! Except...why the fuck do I want to buy your drums if I already have my own set? How about you just sell me an adapter? HMX, you too! Now I wonder if the ION drums will work fully with GH, since it'll have enough pads/cymbals. I have a feeling I'll probably be buying GHWT (game only) since I'm such an addict, and already have all the instruments anyway. User-created songs are definitely appealing.
  22. Crock Band

    That's a brand new song off their new album that hasn't been released yet, that's been in production for years. Apparently it's a big deal. <--- (Not really a GnR fan.) The Who pack got released today, and holy shit it's awesome. The songs are great, but the difficulty is also pretty high which I love! "Young Man Blues (Live at Leeds)" has some insanely hard drum parts, but luckily they're short enough to not kill you.
  23. Crock Band

    ROCK BAND 2 SONGLIST ANNOUNCED: Plus 20 more FREE DLC tracks! And you can import the RB1 songs for "less than $5".
  24. Professor Layton and the Underpant Pillage

    Yep, beat it, loved it. I love puzzle games though.
  25. Crock Band

    Well you got farther than I did on my first try. Thinking about that ION kit some more -- it uses 1/4" jacks, so you can buy a drum "brain" and use it as an electronic kit (brains are expensive, though). But that also means if I could just BUY THAT ION BRAIN I could plug in my Yamaha pads for RB! Arrrghhhh. It's so damn tempting to try and do the whole "solder a MIDI cable to the RB controller" thing so I can use my real kit, but if I fuck it up, I lose my RB drums AND a MIDI cable! Plus, it's good to have the RB drums for parties at other people's houses. RB2 Trailer: