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  1. Kodu Game Lab

    [EDIT: see this.] IT'S FIVE DOLLARS Buy it.
  2. This has been posted in tons of places, but I haven't seen it here. Anyone else following it? I love stuff like this. Here's the beginning:
  3. I actually assumed the interpretation came entirely from context and the little image thought bubbles. A lot of it is pretty obvious (e.g., Kev gets down on one knee, pulls out a box, and has a diamond ring bubble above him).
  4. Beatles: Rock Band

    Agreed, wouldn't it be nice if we were older? Then we wouldn't have to wait so long.
  5. Beatles: Rock Band

    Well to put it simply, three people can sing at once. There are three vocal lines running at the top in different colors, and apparently it doesn't matter who sings which part, as long as someone is singing each of them. NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY THE LIPS BUNDLE WITH 2 WIRELESS MICS. P.S. I finally have a gold account! (Waiting for RB2 to come in the mail though.) I moved to Chicago, and the 360 was my old roommate's, so I just bought one, etc. etc. We should play RB2 when I get it!
  6. Beatles: Rock Band

    No one mentioned the best part: three-part harmonies! As an RB drummer I still worry it'll be too easy, but I'd buy it for the singing alone.
  7. Saw this on CO-OP, looks amazing. I really don't play PC games though, so I hope it comes out on 360.
  8. Burnout Paradise

    I have, and got the achievement for it too. It's really nothing like Crash mode, which was basically a puzzle mode. I know they had to do something that fits with the open world aspect of the game, and I really do appreciate that all the Burnout games are different in small ways, but Showtime is basically a repetitive tap-A mini-game.
  9. The Beatles Game

    Believe me, the rest of us suck and mostly play on medium or even easy. Whenever we have parties, we put No Fail on, and then just have fun singing our own way. That's largely true, but have you seen the 20 free DLC tracks? List: A lot of people complained about these tracks because they'd never heard of any of the bands, which was exactly why I was excited about them (although I knew a few of them). I have since gotten a few of those albums, and really like them.
  10. The Beatles Game

    It has singing, you know. That's the greatest appeal of the Beatles game, I would think. This doesn't really make sense -- if you're playing real instruments to a pre-written song, you're not "deciding" anything, you're following the written music. So do you feel the same way about real instruments? Following the rhythm IS the point, that's how there's a score. That's why they're called rhythm games! I do like hard songs, so I am a bit worried that the Beatles game will be too easy, but that's not really the point. Singing is the main draw, and if they have custom venues that are based off of Beatles art/etc. then it's more of an "experience." Still hopeful. I actually do wish they could put up the real sheet music (for drums, anyway), so I could get better at reading music while playing. Even if the songs are super easy, I'd get better. Also, two microphones, please!
  11. Burnout Paradise

    I finally got it for the 360 a couple weeks ago. I was really disappointed with it at first, but it grew on me as I got a hang of the format of it. Maybe I wasn't paying enough attention to the DJ, but I didn't think the game explained how to do things very well. My favorite part of the previous burnouts was Crash mode, followed by road rage. Well, they took out crash mode, and they even took out aftertouch! So they really killed what I love about burnout. However, since all events are open from the start, I was able to just drive to ONLY the road rage events and play those until I was sick of it, and stunt runs are pretty fun (but I suck at them). I bought the legendary cars shortly after I got the game, so that made the game way better -- being able to drive around in the DeLorean is great, and I didn't have to level up, so I basically started with a great car. Now I have my class A license, along with most of the easy achievements (there's no way I'm going to look for all the stupid "smash" objects), so I probably won't play it very often now, just pop it in for a few events, slowly working up to the final license.
  12. Ninjatown! (DS)

    Anyone else playing it? I just beat it, and loved it. Wrote some random thoughts about it here.
  13. Rock Band 2...

    Nice. I'd still really like to get the goodwoods mesh heads, but I can't afford them right now.
  14. Rock Band 2...

    I finally finished my GHWT review. I imagine none of you is on the fence about it at this point, but here it is anyway:
  15. Rock Band 2...

    All in an attempt to make it work better, but it still drops a lot of notes. I really just need to buy better ones. I really want the mesh heads.
  16. Rock Band 2...

    Surprisingly, I used the GHWT calibration tool once and everything was fine -- but I'm guessing that's due to the gigantic hitbox it uses. I FINALLY PUT UP DRUM VIDEOS! There are eight of them; the first three have a separate camera for the bass pedal, the rest are zoomed out to show both hands and feet. Because there are so many different things happening, the compression is terrible, so clicking "watch in high quality" is definitely recommended. My drums drop tons of notes, but oh well.
  17. Rock Band 2...

    We bought GHWT. As I was playing with my roommate, we both just kind of sighed. There are a lot of problems with it, and we didn't have much fun. I'll be writing a full review once I've played more of it, but just a big warning: As a party game, it totally fails. If one person fails out, the whole band fails immediately! The star power is combined (???) and impossible to see. Activating SP with the drums is broken. There are a few good things (Tool, GH tunes...maybe). But on a happy note -- HARMONIX BEATLES GAME OMG!!
  18. Rock Band 2...

    Hah, that would be interesting to try actually. I've tried putting the mic up to the speaker, but of course there's background noise and maybe lag, so it doesn't really work.
  19. Rock Band 2...

    I finally put up some Rock Band videos! ...but they're not what you think: Hayley Williams almost a capella (Paramore) But I DID film TONS of drum videos that I'll be putting up soon! (even though my drums still suck)
  20. Geometry Wars 2!

    Who else is playing? It's awesome how it shows your friends' high scores right on the main menu. I don't have many people on my friends list, so I only know that Miffy is playing (*cough*and I was kicking his ass:yep:). The new modes are really fun, my favorite right now is the new pacifism -- you can't shoot, but flying through these trip-mine gates will kill enemies. So you get this massive swarm of blue guys following you around. 13.x million was my highest in that mode today, but I didn't have a ton of time to play yet. King is another fun mode, where you can only fire from these rings, but the enemies can't enter. The rings disappear quickly, so you have to make sure you've cleared the way to the next one, then fly to it. Anyone else get the achievement for this mode? You have to fly through 30 rings without firing a shot. I was literally a centimeter away from ring 30 when I got killed -- the enemies become faster than you at the end, so you can't outrun them! But after like ten more tries I got it. I really hate Waves. I suck at it, and it's annoying. Sequence looks like it'll be a lot of fun -- kind of a puzzle mode, where the levels are always the same, so you need to memorize them. I only played it a couple times. Stupid roommates wanting to watch a movie, grrrrr.
  21. I accidentally a fleshlight (NSFW)

  22. Grand Theft Auto IV

    The Camera: The entire time I played the game, I was holding the RS slightly upwards so I could see the road better. I thought it was idiotic I had to do that. Yes, I did it. I tried a few methods, like stealing a bunch of cars and piling them up in an alley, but I think they actually started disappearing. Then I tried getting in the middle of an intersection and crashing some cars so everyone around had to stop, but people kept chasing after me and I think I blew myself up or something. When I finally did it, it was a really simple tactic. I just waited for a whole bunch of cars to stop at a traffic light, then shot the first car with a rocket, then the 3rd or 4th car, then the 7th car, etc. and they all started catching on fire and blowing up. Stupidly easy.
  23. Rock Band 2...

    Here's my Rock Band 2 Manual Calibration Guide done in papercraft! I spent a bunch of time messing around with the RB2 manual calibration settings (I don't have the new Strat), and decided to make a short video explaining them clearly and simply (I hope). I used this method to calibrate my system, and it works really well. So if you're confused about exactly what the settings do, and which way you need to move them in order to sync up the game, this should explain all of that. I use the drums as an example, but obviously this also works with the guitar. Let me know if I made any mistakes, and I can add some annotations to the video.
  24. Rock Band 2...

    The only reason I'm still playing a lot of the RB1 songs is I'm trying to gold star them all -- but now that's taken away. Knowing the score means nothing to me, I need stars. During band play I don't care, that's when I play for fun, but during solo, that's what keeps me going. Well...compared to the rest of the Who songs, it's not too bad, I passed it on sightread pretty easily. But the Who songs are some of the hardest songs in the game. You haven't gotten to Panic at the Disco "Nine in the Afternoon"?
  25. Rock Band 2...

    Here is my long "quick" review of Rock Band 2, with a bunch of suggestions for improvements: