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  1. Hot damn!

    Vanilla! Bah! Those (the Raz ones) are YoYoJam Lyn Furys, they rock! I co-own a yo-yo store, so I DO have love of yo-yos. I made up a year or two ago. And here is a .$15 is a great deal for a decent yo-yo, and having Psychonauts logos, you can't beat that! It's a steal! Oh, and if you read the news on DF lately: Yes, that was me!
  2. Hah! I don't know if you were implying this with those emoticons, but when I read this news I immediately thought of New Coke! Make tons of people buy the crappy version, then bring out the original and make them all buy it again! In any case, this is awesome news, I refuse to get the SEs but I wanted to watch the original trilogy with my friend.
  3. First Metroid Prime Hunters review

    I've ranted about this before, so: SM64 is still a great game on the DS, but the controls bother me too much to play it. You really need an analog, the d-pad just doesn’t work very well. You can use the touch screen, of course, but here’s the problem: The “neutral point” is always moving. If you touch the middle of the screen, then drag up, Mario will run forward…but if you drag up past the top of the “analog circle” on the screen, the circle will also drag up, moving the neutral point higher. So that means you have to constantly lift up your thumb and reset back to the middle! All the fun of controlling with a mouse, on a handheld! They should have “locked” the circle to the middle, or the side, or wherever, so the neutral point was always the same, like an actual analog stick. ---- I really don't like the d-pad, you may not have as big a problem with it. The Lite probably has a better d-pad also. Thumbstraps: I got my DS on ebay so it didn't have one. I went to my local Game Crazy, where I sort of know the people working there, and one of the guys gave me a strap off one of the used DSs in the case! I kinda feel bad for whoever bought that one, though. I've only played MPH for a couple hours, but I really liked it. I thought the jumping worked really well (double-tap on the screen). It sounds like it would be annoying, but it wasn't hard to do. There's sort of low gravity in the game so you get this nice floaty jump that feels like the *suit* is jumping, rather than Samus, which I liked.
  4. possibly interesting e3 games

    If you haven't already seen this, there are some screenshots up on GS. Not much to look at, since it basically looks like the original. Can't wait though! I guess I'm finally going to have to buy a PSP, argh. There's also a little interview video on GS about Lego SW2, but there isn't a ton that isn't shown in the trailer already linked.
  5. Co-Op story-based games?

    Yep, that's Half-Life:_Decay. Apparently there's a fan port to PC in the works. I haven't played Decay yet because I only recently found out about it, even though one of my best friends is a huge HL addict. I love co-op games because I don't like competing. I don't know if I know a ton of story-based games though. ToeJam & Earl, maybe? Non-story: Burnout 3/Revenge "Team Crush" mode! Twisted Metal 2/Black. Contra? Ikaruga. EyeToy Play "Kung Fu"! Technically not co-op, but you can easily fit two people if you back up, and it's tons of fun.