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  1. All this 'new leaked info' about Wii...

    That's because it takes Sherlock Holmes to track any down these days. Of the 3 Game outlets I've been in the last few days, only one had a Gamecube section, and they were still mostly preowned. GameStop just don't seem to do Gamecube at all, and there's nothing in HMV anymore either. Maybe this is a bit of a chicken/egg situation, but consider this - All above mentioned shops do, however, have entire shelves devoted to UMD Video.
  2. Movie/TV recommendations

    Tut tut. It did pick up something fierce. A lot of people did say it got too ridiculous this season. I say to them - what show were you watching before? Other than that, I feel compelled to trot out the standard answer that all the best TV shows are old and we are living in an era starved of creativity. Until Fraiser - The Next Generation.
  3. What are you playing today?

    2nd go around of Beyond Good and Evil to get that bastarding MDisk I couldn't find last time (not the marble game, something...else ) - plus memories, and of course that deep-seated rage and frustration that sets in on getting to the end and realising you may never know what happens - always a good mix for an upcoming weekend. Maybe some Spiderman 2, just to tool around for my own amusement. If I'd got it for full price I'd be a sulky, annoyed camper who didn't want to do anything. For €10 I'd frame it and give it its own shelf.
  4. Cancel the Simpsons?

    The saddest thing is even noticing the voice-acting hitting the skids. What happened to comic-timing? Aren't you paid enough to care?
  5. This time they've gone TOO FAR, dammit

    A little pointless? Still, it's nice to know it exists. I was going to say how it would be so much nicer if they came up with a proper sequel, but on prior form Rising Star really shouldn't be encouraged to use their imaginations, methinks.
  6. Grim Fandango Movie Rumors

    In hilariously unrelated news, see the Gamespot comments where the debate about whether or not Master Chief is black rages mercilessly. There's no reason to do any movie directly following the plot of a game, and surely doesn't that go double for adventure games? New plot! Same characters! Let the battle cry ring!
  7. Most embarassing moment - right there. My confusion should have set that sarcasm-o-meter a-runnin' and a-jumpin'.
  8. Dammit, and I used to swear by that - and then I spent 20 minutes trying to get my head round this sentence. G'what? Think of it as brain training, I guess.
  9. New Smash Bros Game Displayed

    NES Metroid Ridley would be about the right size, no? I'll miss the G&W level, but not the character, and hoh yuss, a proper move set for Luigi. A strike for all those who be tall and thin. Still no Toad? I mean, he's no-one's favourite but still, over 20 years of service and he's still just Peach's Mush-Man shield...
  10. Snakes on a Plane (and Gnarls Barkley)

    Truly, we live in an age of heroes. Heroes with one-liners that show up Duke Nukem for the bleach blonde girly-boy he so truly is.
  11. I wish I had too much free time on my hands.
  12. Final Fantasy for the PC

    Yep, you're right. Me running my big mouth again... "Earthbound Zero" is something very close to impossible, and even Earthbound starts pretty hairily until you've cleared the first couple of towns. It's the writing that makes it though, almost every line is genius. I've never been a Final Fantasy fan but Earthbound certainly has a beguiling charm. Quite why this hasn't been implemented in all RPG's is actually beyond me. And if you get the jump on them you get a free surprise attack. It's the little touches...
  13. PS3 for £425 in the UK; "Bargain" say Sony

    So, €800-€850, in real money, more or less. Take away my rent, that's about what I expect to make in a month working full-time. I think Sony have been giving themselves too many pay-raises to see straight anymore.
  14. Final Fantasy for the PC

    and then... Don't listen to him! There is little to no adhesion in Earthbound.
  15. Bruckheimer's gamer movie