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  1. I wanted to hear Nick talk about Gemstone 3 for an hour. I know very little about MUDs. I'd be interested in hearing a conversation of what that type of game tended to express compared to whatever the modern day counterpart is.


    I could probably do that. MUDs were fascinating. GemStone III stream?

  2. I found it very human. I can totally hear this passage in Nick's voice:

    I was an idiot.

    I'm not sure if I mentioned it on the cast, but I can't even make that thing private because the recovery is tied to a university account, and Livejournal has no customer support now. Worst.

    Anyway, please feel free to discuss video games in addition to my gross personal past.

  3. NSkhSc5.jpg
    The Tragedy of Ragnar
    Arise, King Vanaman. We played six hours of "Who Wants to Marry a Baby?" or, as it is sometimes referred to, Crusader Kings II. Follow the lineage of our faithful and ill-begotten servant Ragnar. Woe the life of Brian, our hapless son unwittingly in the way of King Vanaman's succession. Watch us kill some wives and imprison half of Ireland.
    Twitch Archive

    Download save file (begins shortly after the accession of King Sean I)
    Ragnar's tale, as recounted by Something Awful member Dezinus:

    The Chronicles of Ragnar, Hero of Ireland, Thus Far:

    • Humble Gardener turned Mayor of Nenagh
    • Ragnar is drawn into the King's plot to murder his brother
    • He mistakenly outs the secret plot in a drunken stupor
    • In a rage, the King throws Ragnar in jail for his indiscretion
    • After two years, the King shows a turn of heart, and turns down harsher punishment for Ragnar
    • Soon after, Ragnar is pardoned for his crimes, retakes his place in Nenagh
    • Many years pass, and Ragnar is given the title of Chancellor for one day, before quickly being replaced & stripped of the title
    • A few years later Ragnar is called upon to lead the King's armies into battle in Ossory, and is victorious in securing and expansion to the empire.
    • After becoming a widower, Ragnar's opinion of the King eventually sours, leaving him as the crucial last vote to change the Rules of Succesion
    • After taking a generous gift of gold, Ragnar agrees to change the Succesion Rules, allowing Sean I Vanaman to become heir to the throne
    • Some years later, Ragnar is drawn in as an initial member of a plot to kill the King's daughter-in-law
    • The plot succeeds, redeeming Ragnar for his past failure.
    • Ragnar then lives out the remainder of his years peacefully as Mayor, until his good friend King Murchad dies of old age

  4. Thanks very much for the feedback dudes. I actually have been reluctant to promote it because I'm not sure it's as good as it could be yet. At the very least, I feel like Irrational's stuff is setting a very high bar. That said, I do almost all of the production work on my own, so I'm at least somewhat happy that it's not a giant disaster.

    Rather than plot it out and wait for quality, we're going to try to keep a semi-regular schedule and just motor ahead. More BGS-centric content is next on the list following the New Vegas launch. And yeah, crossover sessions with Irrational would also be rad. They already stole Todd Howard for their show, so it only makes sense.

  5. I'm kind of sad that we didn't have time to share all of our favorite Thumbs memories. Though most of mine were off-cast moments.

    Jake recording a dateline while Chris and I sat out in the hallway, because we'd reached a point where we couldn't even keep a straight face while being in the same room, is probably my all-time best/worst memory combined. If you think we laughed too much while recording, just imagine what was cut. Pure insanity.

  6. Is it a lot louder in person? All I hear is a not-particularly loud sound not entirely unlike a fruit machine spewing coins or something.

    It is much louder in person. Also, the way we orient ourselves to record puts my back to the speakers. It always sounds like some ungodly, inter-dimensional portal is opening just behind my right ear. It's fucking insane.

    But yes, I am basically Tweek.

  7. I forgot a key component of the Jeff Goldstory.

    After my close encounter, I did a quick Twitter search to see if anyone else had a JG experience. As it turns out, we apparently failed in our mission to steal the Goldshoes. They are officially a public menace:

    I especially like that this "apparently" happened. As if her child started crying behind her back, she turned around, asked her what was wrong, and the kid says: "Jeff Goldblum stepped on me."

  8. And even though very flawed, the mission they ripped straight from the Godfather in the first game made everything worthwhile. Dang that was awesome.

    Hell yes. That was the demo mission. I played it like 10 times. I also dug the mission where you simply go up on the roof, assemble your 3-piece sniper rifle, and take someone out. Any mission where you actually FEEL like a real hitman is quite satisfying.

    Hitman is an interesting series for me, because while I love the concept, the execution seems to be inherently flawed. Each mission is a giant puzzle, but there are several pieces missing from each that tend to kill you at least a few times until you notice them. So, while the game would be no fun if it held your hand, it tries your patience in that you are almost forced to reload multiple times until you figure out each level's quirks.

    I think this game might fix some of that, though. There's an option to buy several pieces of "intel" in-mission, which apparently are hints at the expense of money that you earn. Presumably this would make it much easier to get through a level in one or two attempts, rather than 5 or 6 or 28.

  9. Game's alright, but that Mega Mushroom is practically useless.

    How so? I use it all the time. You have to save it for certain open levels, or boss fights. In the open levels, it can get you a ton of 1-ups, and it basically wins you the boss fights instantly.

  10. Technically you can fly. Those cloud-riding guys that throw the spikey-shells can be piloted around as usual. But yeah, I miss the cape, and no Yoshi feels a little weird, if only because the last side-scrolling Mario had him.

    No saving beyond those three instances, Moos.