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    Deus Ex, Grim Fandango, Riven, Half Life 2, Cave Story, Scorched Earth, Final Fantasy VIII.
  1. Deus Ex 3

    Wow. The awfulness of that pun may actually force me not to buy the GameStop edition.
  2. Stacking

    Wow. This looks incredibly odd. Love the intentionally jerky animation. Shame it's not coming to PC.
  3. Deus Ex 3...

    ...actually looks pretty cool. They seem to have kept a lot more from the first game than I thought they would. The old-school inventory was a nice touch, and it doesn't look like they're making it into the straight-up action game it could have been. I'm suddenly interested.
  4. Gaming In-Jokes

    This, I think. It does look suspiciously like a hydralisk, though.
  5. Rumor confirmed: Uwe Boll is in fact Adolf Hitler

    Apparently so. From what I gathered from his interviews, he has a board of directors who vote on which property is going to be the most profitable to adapt next, and he makes it.
  6. Rumor confirmed: Uwe Boll is in fact Adolf Hitler

    I respect a director who is willing to defend his work in the face of criticism. In fact, I would argue that this is a necessity for any artist. I simply don't respect Uwe Boll's approach to art. Obviously, all commercial filmmakers have to reconcile the financial and artistic aspects of their work, and hearing Uwe talk about his films, I get the impression that he falls much more on the commerce side of the process. Also, I legitimately believe that his films aren't getting the reactions he wants them to. In his interviews, he seems to seriously think that what he is producing should be widely acclaimed. The rejection he faces isn't part of the artwork since he didn't intend for it to be. And he doesn't know how to defend his art in the way that he should be defending it. One artist rolled up a piece of his shit and placed it on a pedestal. Obviously, it's something that is bound to inspire contempt and criticism. And I respect the guts it takes to make that kind of artistic statement. But the moment that artist starts saying something like: "I hate all those retards who think my work is stupid. My piece is better than that fucking piece of shit Guernica"... Respect. Gone.
  7. Rumor confirmed: Uwe Boll is in fact Adolf Hitler

    This guy is awful. No taste. And since people have been telling him this for ages, he has to be either really delusional or really just determined to piss people off out of spite.
  8. Starcraft 2

    Yes please. I have nostalgia for the original, but I never really got into it any deeper than simply loving the universe. I played it at an age when I cared about the cinematics more than the actual gameplay. I don't know if I have the energy to go back and try to make it through the original again (though I probably should). Bottom line: I'm curious and excited for this one, but I don't have the adoration of the first to make it an easy sell at $60.
  9. E3: The Keynotes

    dU0mrMX840g I know it was meant to be satirical, but it still skeeved me out.
  10. Emergent Gameplay

    I would classify emergent gameplay as any activities allowed by the rules of the game but not specifically programmed. It is gameplay which arises inadvertently from the rules of the game. So, for example, if you set an oil slick in Bioshock on fire, that is not emergent because that interaction was programmed by the developers ("oil slicks are flammable"). However, if that oil slick then lights the splicer standing in it on fire as a result, that is an emergent interaction, since the player is creatively joining two individual rules of the game universe ("oil slicks are flammable" and "splicers are flammable").
  11. Emergent Gameplay

    Not that I ever got into it myself, but isn't Dwarf Fortress the very definition of emergent gameplay? The entire system is built on volumes of complex rules and associations and virtually everything that comes out of the game is emergent. Garry's Mod is another great example. Using only the physics of the Source engine and a couple basic mechanics, people have built some pretty incredible, emergent scenarios.
  12. Deus Ex 3

    The first Deus Ex is one of my favorite games of all time, despite all it's glaring flaws. Among many other things it got right, it did a great job of building a universe (characters, locales, technology, organizations, etc.) that felt really cohesive and immersive. The trailer looks like it may be going for a similar effect, although the fact that the game seems to be sliding closer to the science fiction end of the scale despite being a prequel pisses me off. I just hope they get the story and characters right again.
  13. Yeh, I love the Grim Fandango soundtrack. thorn mentioned BGE. I love that soundtrack. It manages to be fairly light and easily enjoyable, like the rest of the game, while still being interesting. Also, while I wouldn't call Half Life 2's music memorable, it contributed to one of my most memorable game music moments: When the soundtrack kicks in during the final battle of Episode 2, it just worked.
  14. Pretty graphics

    Although 9 times out of 10 this would be a pacing issue and not a result of gamers' short attention spans. I'm always impressed when developers manage to craft FPSs (or other action-oriented games) that, through whatever means necessary, encourage the player to become deeply immersed in their environments without going out of their way.