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  1. I love you, Spafford (The Spaff Appreciation Thread)

    Yeah, the good old days. Remember when Zig and Zag were Irish and actually funny?
  2. I love you, Spafford (The Spaff Appreciation Thread)

    Personally, I think Spaff is like a better-looking Dave Fanning (for all you Irish people out there).
  3. Hagelslag and jalapeños? What a sick, sick puppy. How can you combine chocolate with chili peppers? *boggles*
  4. Hagelslag is chocolate sprinkles - most commonly used by non-dutch people on cake. It's great on bread or toast, some people sprinkle it on bread with peanutbutter too. Arr num num!
  5. God, I miss hagelslag It's almost impossible to get here at a normal price/quantity ratio. Plus the looks you get when you put it on your bread - almost as bad as asking for mayonnaise on your chips
  6. Prince Of Persia

    I'm going to play devil's advocate here and actually confess to enjoying WW. While the attitude bugged me, I think it was more because of the corny way it was excecuted, rather than from any objection to the attitude itself. I mean, in his place I'd be pretty pissed off too. The story of the game is actually fairly decent, and there are moments that genuinely made you feel sorry for the guy. The fighting is a huge improvement over the first one, and while I think the atmosphere in the first one (ok, so not *really* the first one, but that's just nitpicking) was much more to my liking, I really didn't think the second one deserved all the stick it got. All in all, I liked it. Granted, not as good as the first one, but still a game that beat most other action platformers - though perhaps not God of War (natch!) Having said all that - I have had the Two Thrones for months now and only just started it
  7. Crysis HD quality GDC 2006 trailer

    On the other hand, when you look at the weapons available to us irl {1} they all broadly fall into that category. There are of course also other non-gun weapons, but in general guns get the job at hand {2} done more efficiently. {1} well, not to 'us' specifically. Us, as in people that have guns available to them. {2} i.e. killing as much in as short a time as possible. Aren't people lovely.
  8. Crysis HD quality GDC 2006 trailer

    See, that bugs me. Why would aliens invade earth if they need ice to survive? Especially a tropical place It's like that move Signs - beings allergic to water try to invade a place that's covered in the stuff. Slight strategic miscalculation? Other than that I know nothing of the game or how good (or bad) it is. It certainly looks pretty enough, but hey, HL2 still looks pretty too.
  9. Revolution at GDC thread

    The really scary thing is, that lady who looks really uncomfortable in the Revolution pictures is the spitting image of my mother...
  10. Beyond Good and Evil 2 rumors...

    If only this was true. But like Moosferatu I'm not holding my breath.
  11. V for Vendetta

    So I'm just back from seeing it. Having not heard much about it, or read the comic, I had no idea what to expect. I have to say, I enjoyed it quite a lot, though it was very political. Mind you, I get the feeling that a gentle reminder of how bad things can be is not inappropriate. Especially given the current political climate in america, and, to lesser degree, in britain But yes, go see it. It's a good movie.
  12. Snakes on a Plane: OFFICIAL TRAILER

    And some pikey has made up this poster for the movie:
  13. Last week at a games developer

    Would that be 'meta-blogs'?
  14. Flames

    Flames to Netmonkey for pulling the rug out from underneath me
  15. Viral Market in this thread

    for nipply goodness: WARNING: NSFW