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  1. I'm too rich in Oblivion

    Skill training?
  2. Does the Wii nead *real games* ?

    I don't know if I would actually buy "real" games for the Wii. I bought Twilight Princess, but haven't had enough time to invest in it to give it to much of chance just yet. As it is, I love Wii Sports for it's potential to bring extra excitement and motivation to fitness. And I still have yet to try the Wii for how well it can perform with FPS games (i.e. Call of Duty 3 -- I'm trying to finish CoD 2 for Xbox 360 first before I continue on in the series). I think the Wii adds a different kind of gameplay, so it's not well suited to traditional methods of gameplay (including "adventure games", I believe, that would be better suited to using a mouse pointer than a Wii remote for control). It's a different gaming system and it deserves different games. Not just ports. I'm probably more inclined to buy a 360 or PS3 version of the same game as opposed to a Wii port. So for me, the Wii would be better off having original games than trying to compete with other consoles. I want the Wii to succeed, but I don't necessarily want it to "beat" the other consoles. To me, it's apples and oranges. They're both delicious and good, but neither is a supstitute for the other.
  3. Jack Thompson has shares in Take Two?

    Ownership of stock in Take Two (or any company) allows a person to attend shareholder's meetings and have a voice (to vote on certain things such as board elections and to speak in front of the other members). This basically allows Jack Thompson to harass them inside their own dojo, since I think you only have to own one share to have those rights. However, he would have to own a LOT of their stock in order to have a controlling interest in how they do business. This is probably just his ticket inside the doors so he can gather "intelligence" on all the secret plans of slaughter and moral corruption that he no doubt believes Take Two is conspiring to achieve.
  4. Sexy Japanese Video Game Girls

    Every Japanese video game character also has their blood type listed in their bio. I guess in case they need a lot of blood all of a sudden.
  5. Cats and hitler

    This Hitler cat looks the most like Hitler. I think it's those beady little Hitler eyes.
  6. PS3 to "KILL PC" also: it's not expensive enough.

    If Sony make a mouse/keyboard combination accessory, then I can see how some of this stuff will work out, but if not, there's no way any gamer, casual or not, will forsake their PCs or Macs.
  7. Gameboy games

    I really liked the Final Fantasy Legend games and Metroid 2: Return of Samus. I can't remember any of the others I had back in the day, but I think I might be missing one more that I liked.
  8. Double Fine kitten & game leak

    I kinda figured that. I was hoping you were actually able to read what it says. Alas...
  9. Double Fine kitten & game leak

    Nice kitty. What's the game leak, though?
  10. No Pre-Owned PS3 Games?

    Sometimes I feel bad about buying a used game since the developer doesn't see any of that income. Sometimes. But not if the game sucks.
  11. Why the DS Sucks

    He's an equal opportunity hater. I really respect that.
  12. Microsoft: hey why not buy a Wii?

    I wonder who Thing is supposed to be?
  13. No Pre-Owned PS3 Games?

    I agree about that. I'm almost certain that this is the future of gaming, especially as digital distribution becomes more commonplace. It'll suck at first, but that's the way it's going to be. This has been rumored before a few times, but somehow I just don't think it'll happen with the PS3 this time around. Well, at least not in the first few years. Sony still does have the "option" to do that with Blu-Ray games. They COULD wait until enough people have already bought the system and are vested in it, and then decide to do that. That would be really unforgiveably devious and evil of them. Nobody's that crazy, though. Right?
  14. No Pre-Owned PS3 Games?

    Hahaha... People, people. You'll believe anything you read on the internet, won't you? Whatever you do, please don't check your email. There's this thing called spam that people send to try to get you to give them your personal information or credit card information. No matter how tempting those penis enlargement ads may be, don't do it. I'm telling you this because I care about each and every special one of you.
  15. Sam & Max

    Maybe you had an enormous amount of temporary files in a Windows temp folder somewhere that GameTap cleared/overwrote to make room for itself.