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  1. The Last Guardian

    Not necessarily a bad demon-thing.
  2. The Last Guardian

    Or it becomes a demon-thing. Glowy horns, after all.
  3. FEAR actually uses a different technique for its AI than is typical for an FPS - it's called goal-oriented action planning. Essentially, most FPS games use finite state machines (for example, Halo 2) where the AI idles/attacks/retreats, etc. where each state has a set of actions it will attempt, and triggers that will transition itself from state to state. Goal oriented AIs instead have a specific result they aim for (say, the player's death) and then path-find backwards through their possibility space to their current state, forming a chain of actions that it thinks might achieve the result it wants. My understanding is that the major reason why this sort of AI system isn't more widely used is that it's a huge hassle to debug or sculpt for specific encounters. Also, it's very hard to see the effect in most games, as there needs to be a wide, high-dimensional, interesting possibility space.
  4. Diablo III BattleTags

    I'll never join! (because i'm already in)
  5. Grand Thumb Auto retro PC edition

    That was excellent! I didn't realize my mic wasn't working until an hour in though
  6. Grand Thumb Auto retro PC edition

    I'd also love to join in again!
  7. Siggraph 2012

    Man, I love the heck out of the stuff that goes to Siggraph. I assume that everyone who cares about this stuff knows about this site, but in case you don't, here's an extensive list of the papers and associated videos and everything: http://kesen.realtim...om/sig2012.html
  8. Battlethumbs 3

    I'm also Wegten there.
  9. Awesome, awesome, awesome…
  10. Brütal Legend overload...!

    I've been wanting to play some. And, preferably, with a couple people per team to disguise my terribleness.
  11. Brütal Legend overload...!

    Oh man, this game is pretty sweet. Why can't more games have cutscenes that you want to see more of?
  12. Left 4 Thumbs

    Oh, Toblix.