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  1. Remo, if you really want those TF2 achievements to get the new guns, not only are there special servers where the maps are designed to make it easy to grind (like you talked about), but there's also servers you just join, type a chat command and instantly get granted all the achievements. It's convenient if you just want all the cool guns. I have no idea if this violates some TOS or anything though, I've only seen someone else do it (I don't play TF2).
  2. Idle Thumbs 18: Citizen Killzone

    My fondest memory of older GRIN stuff is Ballistics. This was a crazy ass high-speed racer (speed was shown in kph and mach !! ) I uploaded some screenshots as well as a one-lap movie capture of the first track that I did a few years ago to my shackspace. If you haven't heard of this game I highly recommend you check them out. Quality of the movie is kinda crappy (old codec, I suck at encoding and my computer at the time didn't allow me to play and record at good resolution) so refer to the screenshots for how the game actually looks (looks kinda sweet even today IMO). Now I need to find my CD again.
  3. Sim City 4 + Rush Hour

    Oh yeah, they released the Wii/DS thing Sim City Creator or something didn't they? I played the old one, Sim City DS. It was a pretty true implementation of SC2000 but with the advisors and citizens coming with requests all the time, but it was quite slow and obnoxious to interact with it. The new one is better, huh? Maybe I should check it out... But now I got SC4 Deluxe on the way, so I think that will keep me busy for a while!
  4. Sim City 4 + Rush Hour

    After this was brought up on the podcast I suddenly got this huge urge to play this game again. I know I played it without the expansion around when it was new, but only briefly. It feels like I've been looking around everywhere for it but it's nowhere to be found! As I started typing this post though I came to think of the awesomeness that is, this lovely store based off an island outside UK (an island that strangely enough isn't part of EU?). There's guys has been my go-to place many times for older stuff or to just make a bargain off something. (shit, what is that, second time I mention that place on this site? sorry for being all shilly) Anyway, now it's on the way to me and I will soon be able to enjoy the expansion pack with the one bullet point feature list reading "Adds traffic jams"! Thank you idlethumbs for reminding me of this classic (after the DS version disappointed me).
  5. Sony doesn't want anyone to work on the PS3

    No idea where you found the link, but the link at the bottom of a handful of pages I looked at linked to: instead.
  6. Xbox 360 titles under £16! got a January sale going. Same of the games are sold out now though. Still a couple of good deals left. GRAW Xbox 360 for £18 (shipped) or Civ IV: Warloads for £10 (shipped). Picked up a couple of games there myself.
  7. Castlevania DS

    In the DS version you can design a couple of rooms yourself, fill them with monsters and stuff and then your friends can play a time attack like game in your rooms and stuff. Not the most exciting, but still a kinda cool idea. Other then that it's the same as in Aria of Sorrow, trading souls.
  8. Castlevania DS

    Yepp, got 100% map and 100% items on Hard mode. Some are pretty boring but not too bad. Iron Golems is a pain to get in this version since it lacks the flying mat soul. I got stuck on 99.9% map in the bonus mode and I just can't find what I might have missed.
  9. Castlevania DS

    Hehe, oops. I've imported most of my games from Canada, so I hadn't really noticed. But still, that seems to be the only difference for Castlevania, just like any other game, then.
  10. Castlevania DS

    Only differance I've heard of reading guides and stuff (to make sure I had 120% completion!) is that the European version comes in a almost transparent box (rather then the regular black) and has a manual in full colour instead of black & white. All in all, no differance in the actual game, only in the packaging.