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  1. New "old-school" LucasArts game announced tomorrow

    Holy shit! Secret of Monkey Island SE is on the iPhone app store right now!
  2. Brütal Legend overload...!

    I'm guessing that a few of the brains at Activision thought that if Brütal Legend wasn't a Guitar Hero game, it would be competing against it. ANY GAME THAT REMOTELY REVOLVES AROUND MUSIC IS A THREAT TO GUITAR HERO.
  3. It's a Mario-Kart esque battle mode where you fly around in a biplane (holding your Wii-mote like a baby's feeding spoon) and try and shoot the balloons attached to the other player's plane. It sounds like an okay way to have fun.
  4. iPhone/iTouch gaming

    I've heard Worms is a terrible port, but that's about all I know. Have you guys spent 99 cents on Enviro-Bear 2010 yet? It's so hilariously mindblowing. Basically you're this psychotic grizzly bear living in an MS-Paint world, with only one free paw to maniacally manoeuvre an automobile, throw shit out of your car, and scoff down food. It's probably the most entertaining thing I've bought off the app store for a while.
  5. iPhone/iTouch gaming

    Holy shit I just found Flight of the Amazon Queen on the app store. Are there any other adventure games? This would be an awesome SCUMM platform. WHERE IS FULL THROTTLE?
  6. iPhone/iTouch gaming

    So I got an iPhone yesterday, and picked up Peggle and Flight Control which are both addictive as crack. Anyone have any other suggestions for me so I can see how the iPhone has CHANGED EVERYTHING? I've been eyeing Ruben & Lullaby, actually. Looks to be a bit GAMES AS ART. Anyone have any experiences with it?