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  1. I really enjoyed this, and am glad that the forthcoming Bookcast brought it to my attention. As soon I turned the last page I instantly began to consider and reconsider the book's events and how it all interrelated. I enjoyed the posthumous mental engagement.
  2. Diablo III

    Can we get a Kickstater going to hire that voiceover artist to narrate the new series of the podcast?
  3. I am going to re-purchase Bioshock 2 just to play your DLC, Steve.
  4. I was listening to the final cast while I was walking around on my lunchbreak today, and Sean started his Far Cry 2 story while I was walking through a crowded, busy mall. By the end of it, I felt very sad and alone. I will miss Idle Thumbs a lot.
  5. ...goddammit Chris. Congratulations, I'm eager to find out where you're headed. But damn, it really feels like discovering someone has a terminal illness... again. Buying SimCity for iPhone now based on your double-digit score recommendation.
  6. It was probably dumb of me to send a picture to a podcast. I didn't even realise they had the same shirt, but holy shit.
  7. PSN ID exchange

    I'm Doorselfin. Play rhythm games with me.
  8. Beatles: Rock Band

    So this Guitar Hero: Beatles video is an amusing thing:
  9. iPhone/iTouch gaming

    So, GTA: Chinatown Wars is coming to iPhone. I guess that's a thing.
  10. Beatles: Rock Band

    I don't find the ION Kit to be that much quieter, just less annoying. The Rock Band 1 kit goes "CLACK CLACK CLACK CLACK", whereas the ION goes "thump thump thump thump". The pedal that comes with the ION also clanks a bit, but most people I know replace it with either the stock pedal or a real pedal substitute. Rock Band 2 Stratocasters: It's like day and night.
  11. Beatles: Rock Band

    I had a chance to play with the Logitech Guitar Hero version of one of these for about a week, and I thought it was pretty balls. The fret buttons were tiny compared to the size of the neck, didn't really bounce back at all, and the strum bar was stubby and slippery, hard to get a grip on. These issues probably wouldn't be a big deal for a casual medium player, but when you're paying a couple of hundred dollars, you'd expect it to be the best thing ever. I did a stupid thing and got another Rock Band bundle when the sequel came out, but I have to say that the Rock Band 2 guitar is the best plastic guitar controller I've ever touched. I've always loved the inlayed frets, the strum feels fantastic, and the guard around the Start button and the auto-calibration features are nice touches. Also, I can't live without solo buttons. If the Beatles guitars are just reskinned RB2 guitars, then everybody's going to be very happy.
  12. Heavy Rain

    I like imagining David Cage as this manic, agitated, unappreciated genius. "I'M NOT MAKING DRAGON'S LAIR!!! YOU THINK I'M CRAZY!? I'M NOT STUPID!!"
  13. I love WAKE UP!!! out of nowhere after an awkward pause so much. I spit out my coffee.
  14. Beatles: Rock Band

    ...and here's 44 of the 45 songs thanks to Game Informer. Last song is a surprise, apparently (Revolution #9) Singles I Want To Hold Your Hand I Feel Fine Day Tripper Paperback Writer Revolution Don't Let Me Down Please Please Me (1963) I Saw Her Standing There Boys Do You Want To Know A Secret Twist and Shout With the Beatles (1963) I Wanna Be Your Man A Hard Day's Night (1964) A Hard Day's Night Can't Buy Me Love Beatles For Sale (1964) Eight Days a Week Help! (1965) Ticket To Ride Rubber Soul (1965) Drive My Car I'm Looking Through You If I Needed Someone Revolver (1966) Taxman Yellow Submarine And Your Bird Can Sing Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967) Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band/With a Little Help From My Friends Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds Getting Better Good Morning Good Morning Magical Mystery Tour (1967) I Am The Walrus Hello Goodbye The Beatles (White Album) (1968) Dear Prudence Back In the U.S.S.R. While My Guitar Gently Weeps Birthday Helter Skelter Yellow Submarine (1969) Hey Bulldog Abbey Road (1969) Come Together Something Octopus's Garden I Want You (She's So Heavy) Here Comes the Sun Let It Be (1970) Dig a Pony I Me Mine I Got a Feeling Get Back Love (2006) Within You Without You/ Tomorrow Never Knows
  15. Beatles: Rock Band

    This is being pimped out all over the Twitterverse, but if you haven't read it, here's a very long but insightful look at Beatles Rock Band. My favourite part is where Harmonix codenamed the Rock Band Network "Rock Band: Nickelback" to deflect any curiosity.
  16. Nintendo Inflatable Donkey

    Jesus christ, that first kid's face is going to haunt me in my dreams for about a week.
  17. iPhone/iTouch gaming

    Civilization Revolution is now on the App Store. People are saying it is pretty much identical to the DS version. Goodbye, life.
  18. Beatles: Rock Band

    I can beat everything on expert guitar and drums, have far too much DLC and have the Platinum trophy, including Bladder of Steel. Rock Band 2 has been the game I've played for about ninety percent of the past year (or two). I love Harmonix and I love this game. I can't wait for Beatles Rock Band. Rock Band 2 has two non-linear single player modes: World Tour, which is similar to the one in the first game only you can do it on your own, and 'Challenges', which present bunches of categorised song groups which get harder in difficulty, if that makes sense. I like music and game.
  19. iPhone/iTouch gaming

    On the headphone topic, I consider myself to be a little bit of an audiophile, and when it comes to some cheap, portable headphones that sound absolutely fantastic, I was blown away by these Koss KSC75's. You can probably pick them up for something ridiculous on eBay, and if you like music you owe it to yourself to try them out. On Brushes: That is awesome. On the iPhone gaming front: HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS SIMON THE SORCERER IS ON THE APP STORE. ADVENTURE GAME REBIRTH.
  20. iPhone/iTouch gaming

    I just played a musically generated stage in Space Invaders: Infinity Gene with Across The Universe. It was beautiful.
  21. Yeah I gotta say, I had zero interest in Dragon Age: Origins until I heard Chris' impressions. Social class simulation WHAT. (Animal sodomy sounds pretty sweet* too) *not sweet
  22. Oh fuck ye- sigh... (Beneath a Steel Sky)

    The iPhone is the second coming of the adventure game renaissance! WHY CAN'T YOU SEE
  23. iPhone/iTouch gaming

    Heads up! Flight of the Amazon Queen just got an update, implementing a much more iPhone-suited touch control system, akin to 1112. It's pretty rad so far. You see this, Lucasarts? This is how you're supposed to do an adventure game port, goddammit. Man, Monkey Island.
  24. New "old-school" LucasArts game announced tomorrow

    I'm still working my way through it, but I quite like the art style and the interface. I also like my modern-day adventure games. It has a couple of bugs, and I've heard the episode is quite short. But so far I don't regret spending 99 cents on it. I suppose you should at least check out the Lite version. The only other graphic adventure game on the app store is Myst and Flight of the Amazon Queen, I think.
  25. New "old-school" LucasArts game announced tomorrow

    It seems as though they're just using the touchscreen as a mouse substitute which was a bit of a shame, but I guess this thing is just a SCUMM emulator like Flight of the Amazon Queen was. It's a shame, I thought it'd have a more precise tappy thing going on. If any of you guys have tried 1112 or 1112 Lite, it has a really cool, effective adventure game control scheme going on which I was hoping Monkey Island would emulate. But you can't always get what you want, and I suppose it is pretty cool conceptually. PS. Is it just me, or does the background music very often drown out the voices? (I'm using headphones)