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  1. Bad games that are good

    Tail Concerto. Too cute to hate.
  2. What's your favourite movie?

    Rushmore Playtime (new Criterion came out on Tues., watch it!) Shawshank Redemption Stalker Duck Soup Stolen Kisses, Bed and Board (love anything Truffaut has ever done) Dumb and Dumber The General The Apartment
  3. Who here is in the game industry?

    Semi-freelance guy. Usually work with IGN.
  4. Bowling for Zombies

    Servbot heads! Looks like we're in for a wild ride on that one. Walk into the theatre, and you get some occult 'dogs of the AMS' shit. Walk outside and there's a bad Dawn of the Dead-ripoff scene. Melodrama with hicks and sniper rifles. Awesome.
  5. Sonic Wiildfire video (Wii)

    It's nice to look at, the action is streamlined, and the camera doesn't try to zoom into Sonic's liver, but it's a game that's still as vapid as Adventure 2 or Heroes but with less falling through walls. Sonic in 3D just doesn't cut it with me.
  6. Futurama

    Now that's one of the few episodes where the direction was in total sync with the writing. A thing of beauty. Most episodes of Futurama were good jokes presented awkwardly (the show has way too many bad episodes for being only four seasons long), but the characters are so amazing you stick with it anyways.
  7. hickee

    I don't think Graham Annable's going to be putting together another Hickee for a while. Fortunately, there's no shortage of quality anthologies -- Project Superior probably being the best accessible one ever (also has Annable and Scott Campbell in that one).
  8. Sonic the Hedgehog's week off

    It's commentary: nothing short of a crazy miracle-granting bonglamp can save Sonic from Desert of Mediocrity Zone, Act 2.