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  1. Zelda: A Link to the Past? CORRECT!

    In my own opinion, A Link to the Past is perhaps the best of its kind. The ambiance, the gameplay, it all seems so coherent. Of course if you think about it the game in itself is nowhere near perfect. But comparing 2D games to 3D games is never a good idea.
  2. Why not: 'this flux-capacitor, I've never seen anything like this'.
  3. WTF? nintendo monopoly?

    At least it isn't Microsoft Monopoly.
  4. Trauma Center? Hehehe I'm UnGHgn :)

    Stay puft everyone, Toblix hasn't had his daily medication yet. Hey that 'osbscure geeky reference' bandana I just got, somewhat works.
  5. Grim Fandango Movie Rumors

    Well it seems pretty obvious: why make a movie based on a dead licence that produced only one game seven years ago.
  6. What are you playing today?

    Well Uno sure rocks.
  7. What are you playing today?

    Well it is a weekend after all. Let's go with some Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney, Contra: Hard Corps and maybe, just maybe, if the wind is just right some King of the Dragons.
  8. So they're releasing the first Sonic again...

    I'm spoiled, I know. It's still a great game, though. And what kickass music it has!
  9. I really don't get it... Gamelife and MTV?

    Maybe they could pimp the gamelife crew? I'm willing to take any freakin' meaning of the word 'pimp', as long as they do it thoroughly to those twits.
  10. So they're releasing the first Sonic again...

    Hey, if it has Spin Dash then it fixes the only problem I have about the first game of the series. But, of course, I do own it on MegaDrive, that's enough for me.
  11. Steam - Why do you hate/dislike it so much?

    I lost my password and it cut me off from easily a 100$ worth of games. Still working on getting them back though. But it left a bitter taste in my mouth.
  12. DS Lite

    Well, it was a sarcastic comment. But it actually kinda makes sense, I'd be pissed off to be beaten with a pink DS, it must hurt like hell.
  13. DS Lite

    Come on, this is obviously a fake.
  14. DS Lite

    I hear you. Even though I do think that more people will buy the DS Lite because it looks nice, it's still a moot point if they don't find games that suit them. The GBA slot seemed kind of odd from the beginning, but hey, we need somewhere to stick our rumble packs in.
  15. DS Lite

    Well it is about the games after all, not the hardware.