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  1. Why are developers held hostage by PR?

    I work in the video game industry. Ask away!! ...I'm kidding, I can't tell you a thing. They'll shoot me if I do. No... really.
  2. Revolution at GDC thread

    What's this I hear about The Revolution's offical name being: Nintendo GO. Can anybody confirm or (please) deny?
  3. Hot titles you're waiting for

    Everything I'm waiting for has pretty much been mentioned, aside from Oblivion and Stalker. The latter of which I've had an eye on for years it seems. Which probably means it's either not going to come out, or it's going to come out and suck.
  4. Bargains and just plain ol' good finds

    Like the back of a Volkswagen?
  5. Bargains and just plain ol' good finds

    I bought Simcity for SNES, box and manual included for $5 Canadian a few months back. Pretty happy about it.