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  1. I really dug the discussion about scripted vs. open or emergent narrative. It's interesting to me how that kind of conversation tends to be framed in terms of "Can we tell a story using dynamic systems that's as 'good' as a carefully controlled and scripted story?" Leaving aside the fact that most games these days still have pretty terrible writing anyway, it seems like that question seems to overlook the inherent value of player-designer collaboration. I mean, sure, if I were intended to experience a given something as a passive recipient, perhaps the story in, I don't know, Metal Gear Solid or something might be more interesting than the moment-to-moment things in Far Cry 2. Since the great strength of games is their interactivity, though, those events in Far Cry 2 or GTA IV or whatever are always going to have more significance and emotional heft for me, regardless of how 'satisfying' they might be as a conventional story, simply by virtue of the fact that I had some shared authorship in them. Does that make any sense? -Harry
  2. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hey, everyone, my name's Harry. Apparently, I actually set up this account at the old Thumbs site years ago, though I can't remember if I ever did any posting at the time. Anyway, I've been enjoying the podcasts quite a bit, so I thought I'd come hang around the forums...
  3. Yeah, I've really been enjoying the podcast as well. Idle Thumbs and the Brainy Gamer are really the only (electronic) game-related podcasts I listen to anymore. The discussion early in this episode about weird post-play sensory issues reminded me of a strange little episode I had a few years ago, when "Young Hearts Be Free Tonight" by Rod Stewart came on the radio, and I found myself reminiscing fondly about listening to it one night while driving through the mountains in the rain... until half a second later, when I realized that was only something that had happened while playing GTA: San Andreas.