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  1. Most of the time, but I was going to get the lap top as I will be moving from place to place whilst I sort out my life and get a US visa! I have looked at the Dell X2 and they only go up to a 2.13Ghz for a similar $3k price Alienwear have now sent me a $400 off coupon...ending Monday!!!!! How easy is it to buy extra RAM for a laptop and install anyway? similar to a desktop? Then I could find cheaper RAM and install it myself (Instead of paying them $480 for 2Gb) Now I'm not only confused but constrained by time....Bloody marketing ploy! Bastards!
  2. BUSH:

    Genius! I saw him catching the fish live on CNN....He fed it to a local who promptly keeled over, they then cut to studio!
  3. Hey people, This is my first post on these forums so be gentle Some of you will already know me from Brighton/Babel and I wanted to ask this question so I can continue to communicate with you when I am not leeching of my flatmates computer! I need help in buying a laptop and I am fairly PC savy (Thanks Spaff ) but laptops are an unknow to me. So I need help! I have $3,000 ish to spend and I was looking at Alienwear as they appear to offer good specs So far this is my top candidate Nvida 6800 (256Mb), Intel® Pentium® 4 540J 3.2GHz 800MHz FSB 1MB , 1Gb of RAM and External Wireless 802.11a/b/g PCMCIA Card Someone said that the Intel Pentium® M chipset was good for runing games, but the M 755 2.0GHz 2MB L2 Cache 400MHZ CANT be better than the one above? Can it? The only other option I have seen so far is this which is Dell and looks nice, but again it doesnt seem top be as powerful as the 1st choice (although it does have better screen resolution-go figure) Nothing else seems to compare.....well not that I can find! Can anyone offer any suggestions? Cheers guys Mentic