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  1. Why games feel irrelevant?

    Yes.. we do agree and I must say sorry for looking arrogant on my post, I did not intended to offend you. well, Warren in your quote there prooves why relevant games aren't common: he can afford Unreal Engine . Most of game developers don't. And the reason is because good technology is still only available to the richest in our industry (EA). There's no solid technology, middleware, engines (torque being a pseudo-solution) available to most game developers.. -don't get me wrong, I loved Deus Ex and I find it a terrific game that actually says something- Due to the high costs, creative freedom is tied with business.. and no innovation, something-different, artistic games are common to see. Because everyone keeps focusing on the superficial side of things: Graphics. Visuals have been the cool thing during the whole existence of this industry.. and as long as it keeps being like that: we may very well forget good interactivity which is the sole thing that makes games what they are. The analogy I do with movies, it's because it happened the same exact thing when film was getting born.. PS: Good book Lord of the Flies..
  2. Why games feel irrelevant?

    It seems to me that you don't even have the slightest idea of what it takes to develop a game.. There are no standards, everytime a development begins everything has to be made from scratch (middleware? engines? hah), like Warren Spector said: "game development require's to reinvent the camera every time a project begins". And if we talk about "methods", just today some mature books about game design are starting to appear (Rules of Play for instance).. Game technology might seem cool to the end user that likes "cool graphics" just like people were amazed with Mellies movies back in 1910.. But if you know what goes behind the game code, game technology still needs to mature quite a lot.. And no, it's not graphics nor sound what we need more of..
  3. Why games feel irrelevant?

    When movies where getting born back in the early 1900's, they where just entertainment for the masses.. fascinating moving pictures and visual effects. It wasn't until a couple years later that movies evolved and started saying something.. movies like Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times started appearing just in the 30's, that's one of the first long-length movies that said something, and it didn't just entertained.. Movies as an "Art" that can express something more than just irrelevant entertainment, where born after a long process of discovering their technologies and medium. Games, in my belief, are under that same process: We are still discovering our technology, our medium, and the potential we have in it. Plenty of this topics are discussed at GamesAreArt.com. Byes
  4. Games Are Art . Com

    The site's title leaves no room for doubt: Games Are Art. Take it or leave it Considering that 'Art' is quite a controversial term, the site's title is actually quite open for interpretations. But basically, the main goal is to let the world know that games are a new cultural form of expression with plenty of potential to adopt artistic forms. Hey, thanks for sharing your thoughts! I'm quite glad that the announcement here had a lot of responses with interesting ideas
  5. Games Are Art . Com

    Yes I am now.. how did you guess that? Do I know you GoodSoup?
  6. Games Are Art . Com

    The site is working much better now.. yesterday I had some trouble with the host.. but my complains have been heard. : Games Are Art!
  7. Games Are Art . Com

    I've been updating it.. should work fine now! Check forums! Byes
  8. Games Are Art . Com

    My idea is not to be an elitist, an in order to do so: my idea is to open the site's doors to anyone who believes in the cause. My hopes are that a big community around this subject can grow and expand, and with the collective effort of all have a site that truly expresses the spirit of games as we see them. Basically: Any ideas, are welcome! Post in the site's forums, criticize, suggest.. anything to improve a site that hopefully will not belong only to myself
  9. Games Are Art . Com

    I agree with you 100%. The 'A' word has been used too much too bad with the perception that it means 'cool' or 'superior' rather than just 'human expression' (please let us avoid the endless debate about what art is, I've just used a very simplified definition). So, the site is not: Games Are High Art or Good Art... it's just Games Are Art. And if you check the "art games" section, not all games are quite good actually.. Cheers, Santi
  10. Games Are Art . Com

    I'm afraid I do not completely understand what you say.. but if you're against the proclaim of games as art, it's ok with me: art is a subjective thing, and not everyone will agree to that. The post that you've read it's not a manifesto (I guess is the last post on the home section what you mention), it's just a simple thought. Read the articles in the site where there's a deeper analysis on the 'Games Are Art' concept. Byes Santi
  11. Games Are Art . Com

    Hey everybody! I would like to invite you all to a brand new site: GAMESAREART.COM. It's a space for all people concerned about the future of games as a cultural and artistic form of expression. Developers, Gamers, Businessmen of our industry are starting to gather in our forums and propose new ideas to make a true Revolution in our gaming industry. Check it out! Cheers, Santi