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  1. Destroy all Humans

    I decided to rent it yesturday I thought it was okay my boyfriend had more fun with it than I did. Maybe because he power hungry
  2. Ahh yes vote for her

    Jessica Alba is cute and hot at the same time I give her a
  3. Seen any good movies lately?

    I just saw a couple of movies like: the new batman and I thought it was awesome! Fantastic four: it was okay some parts were good.
  4. do zombies have to pooh?

    I think zombies poo for several reasons ~they smell like poo ~They still eat (even though it may be humans) but somehow they need to release the contents in which eat. Those are my answers and I am stickin to it
  5. Destroy all Humans

    Okay So I have seen the game advertised and I want to know has anyone ever play it? I am thinking about buying it or maybe renting it; is it worth it? Destroy all humans?
  6. Guy gamers with girlfriends

    I decided that I would try one more time to talk to him; and it seems like he is realizing that I need the outdoor time so he agreed and has been going out with me more. The funny thing though is when we finally got home I told him he could go and play his games and when he started playing his computer it blew up! I mean I really thought he got electricuted. It was so funny; but I still feel bad cuz he really is like a little kid sometimes and he just had this face on him like " some bully just broke his favorite toy" but more and more he does seem willing to go out and make an effort so I will still try to make an effort to be supportive about his games. (at least whenever his computer works again). Thanks to everyone who replied ! It really helped a lot to read your guys opinions.
  7. Guy gamers with girlfriends

    Okay Guy gamers I need some assistance my boyfriend is a huge gamer this means he plays wow and counterstrike for hours apon hours I agreed to play because I like games too! never really knew about online games but i thought I would give it a try so I created a warlock on wow and can play for about 4 hours maybe somtimes more. And just to be involved when im not playing I would watch him until I went to bednot only that when he had his land party I cooked for all his friends and watched them play. But lately his gaming has become his job especially with raids and to be honest hes addicted and now I ask him to hang out and do stuff and he gets madI mean really mad. I like the outdoors and just doing other stuff I don't what to do I honestly think this whole gaming thing is making our relationship shitty if you guys have any reccomendations please respond!