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  1. Sailor Schoolgirl Clothes

    yeah, thats the only drawback to this site. you'd have to be a major otaku to want to pay that much for something like that.
  2. Sailor Schoolgirl Clothes

    having seen you so oft' in that bathrobe of yours, I would say I'm inclined to agree, hehe...
  3. Sailor Schoolgirl Clothes

    http://www.jlist.com/SHRT/COST_2.html you have to scroll down a bit...
  4. Somebody donate me a PS2

    Speaking of which, I've actually already played through and beaten the game. It was pretty neat. It's nothing spectacular but still a very solid game, albeit a bit too short. I'd say it's mostly for those who want to see an expansion on Vincent's storyline, so in that aspect it did not fail. Plus, Yuffie appears throughout the game as well, sort of as a sidekick to Vincent (since, I'm guessing, both Vincent and Yuffie were supposed to be "secret" characters in the original game?). All in all, definitely for the fans .
  5. Somebody donate me a PS2

    LoL, you know, I actually have a spare "classic" ps2 lying around. Kingz can attest to that, since he saw me with the newer slim version before he left. It still technically works, but sometimes it actually takes several tries before it actually reads the disc (due to it having been dropped a couple times by careless people). :miyamoto:
  6. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

    I've actually seen one of those billboards here in San Antonio myself. Near the airport now that I think about it.
  7. What are you listening to?

    What don't you like about the new ones? I would agree that they're a departure from Toxicity, most definitely, but I like them just the same. You can't expect a band to always sound the same. Musically, a good band should always strive to evolve. I would hate for a band to just always sound the same (e.g. Megadeth). It becomes tiresome, boring, and repetitive, and the band would probably feel the same way too, if they know any better.
  8. What are you listening to?

    I personally like it, but I can see why many of the hardcore fans don't agree. It's not like the MUSE to write a song like "Supermassive...", it's very poppy and quite danceable (is that a word?) which is unlike their previous/usual stuff. The rest of the album is quite good though; "Supermassive.." is actually the only one that sounds almost out of place. I'm guessing the record label and producers were pushing them to bring out a single that would catch on in the mainstream. That's just my guess, tho'.
  9. What are you listening to?

    looks like the thread is going slighty off topic... I've been listening to the MUSE lately, seeing as how they just released a new album recently, but I've also been going thru their older stuff again.
  10. Director announced for Halo the movie

    Damn, that's pretty cool stuff there, Kingz. Wish you had shown it to me sooner.
  11. I always liked Mario with the deep Brooklyn italian accent, like in the old cartoon. I had originally thought that's how they were gonna keep presenting him, but then the whole high-pitched "Mama mia!" and "Itsa me! Mario!" thing came and I was like, huh? Not that I minded or anything, but I thought they were sticking to the other accent.
  12. I have just had the weirdest day....

    aren't chavs the equivalent of what we call "wiggas" over here in the states?
  13. anime

    Fhe f#@k do you mean it has no plot??? They're basically trying to stop a terrorist. All the stuff inbetween is them investigating sources and his whereabouts and some minor backstory. For lack of a better term, it's a stand alone 'episode' and you really don't need to know anything about the series to actually enjoy the movie. As for some of you folks who seem to think that the series took itself seriously, that couldn't be further from the truth.
  14. What are you playing today?

    I love that game, I still have it. I tried playing through Xenosaga but I couldn't tolerate it after a while, and I haven't even bothered with the 2nd episode. Anyway, the only peeve I had about Xenogears was that if you didn't level up enough initially as you were playing the game, you could get desperately stuck in some location when certain story elements take over the game. That's pretty impressive, considering how difficult it is to increase your stats in that game... or maybe I just never learned to use the Junction system right (never really liked it much). Either than that, I liked the game. As for myself, I was playing Suikoden V, but does anybody have any suggestions for a decent RPG that's been released in recently?