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  1. GTA SA 100% completion

    With a couple of good maps it's possible to 100% the game in a weekend, so it isn't really much of an investment. The missions throughout are embarrasingly easy with a few stinkers thrown in to make it feel like a challenge - the most difficult missions don't even further the story, but are required for 100%. The bonus missions, such as they are, are more like search and find than actual missions though. I think if you're prepared to play through the 100ish missions, you may as well collect everything - it doesn't add a shocking amount of time onto the game so why not? Maps are readily available and it will at least show you most of the game world in a way you wouldn't have viewed it during the missions. As disappointing as San Andreas was (I'm a GTA fan boy), the game world is incredibly satisfying (to me) to just pootle around in and have fun with - the missions are a tedious distraction that stop me getting to the real fun of looking at everything and listening to everyone. But that's investing your time in another way completely. For the record, I've gotten 100% twice. (Just as a side note, I just managed to glitch my game so that whenever you try to buy clothing, scrolling down through the clothes makes you exit the wardrobe. You can still buy clothes, but you can't ever leave the store, or more to the point the dressing room.)
  2. Why games feel irrelevant?

    No, it shows us that our lives would be much more rewarding under the fascistic rule of a faceless dictator with really big hands, and that life would be better if we gave up our control on it, and allowed ourselves to be guided by forces beyond our imagnation. Essentially, it shows us that if we give in to "God"'s will, we'll have an easy ride through life. It's all a sham put in place by the Christian Church. And its also a paedophile training assualt course. Obviously.
  3. GTA SA 100% completion

    Him or me?
  4. GTA SA 100% completion

    Have you also taken over the gang territory in um... oh that little town where the boat school is? Bayside or whatever it's called. That might do it. Dirt Track and Kickstart are both at the Las Venturas stadium, but you can only do them on certain days (I can't remember which days, sorry). Have you unlocked a big red dune truck at the LV stadium? That would tell you if you've done them both I believe. Hope that helps.
  5. Who is the best fighter ever

    Hells YES.
  6. San Andreas (PC)

    My, what an angry man that Maddox is. He really should calm down and knock off the Kick. I do, however, completely agree with his thinly veiled sarcasm. It's all a little bit stupid to get so worked up over this mod when there is far worse out there. Biko 3 anyone? The real issue is of course the fact that R* hid it on the disk. I say "hid", I mean "left". It was all found pretty quickly when the PS2 version came out, as were the many myriad "hidden" interiors, such as the brothel. They never made it in to the game, but they were certainly left lying around for people to play with. I remember in the hype leading up to San Andreas' PS2 release, one of the press statements, regarding easter eggs in the games, said something along the lines of "We're putting in stuff that people won't find for years". Perhaps the estimated time frame was a little generous, but the fact remains that R* knew exactly what they were doing when they left it all on the disk. How else would they continue to cause controversy and hype? It's surely the only thing that is earning them the name they have given themselves. The only thing to do now, after the sex and drugs and sausage rolls of San An, is trash a few hotels rooms and maybe give some kids a tall glass of Jesus juice. I'm going to stop right there before I go off on a long winded rant about GTA.
  7. Somebody justify Beyond Good & Evil to me

    LOL ZOMG BBQ PWNED WTF?!?!?123™ The point with BG&E for me was that, and this really isn't a standardised gaming thing, it was really mellow to play, whilst being very pretty and entertaining with what it did. It was almost like they were putting out a kids game, but with a very knowing nod to all the post-adolescents. "You'll like this, sah". While the game isn't much of a challenge, isn't a graphical uber-feast and isn't even particularly long or in depth, it is quite simply fun to play. Remember fun? So all the while I was being pushed through the linear world and all the time I was snapping pics of wildlife, I found the game to be relaxing. Enough action and excitement to occasionally think "Wahey, this is fun, I'm enjoying this", yet not so much action, or indeed brain numbing tedium, to make me want to give up. I think also the dev's ability to make you empathise with the characters and actually form some sort of quasi-bond with them helped. But then, it all depends how susceptible you are to that sort of thing, I guess.
  8. San Andreas (PC)

    This is completely indicative of my love life. Does this make me weird? Hot Coffee = Storm in a coffee cup.
  9. Who thinks these game packs don't mix well?

    Indeed. You were the Hopper King, but you snooze, you lose. Cruz. Or something. I dunno, I might well be drunk. It's never too late to join Team Hopper. [ontopic]Multipacks just seem to offer nothing of note/worth. It really seems like the latest alternative to "The Bargain Bin™". Just another way of getting the product out there after it's languished in No-Hype hell. Most of, if not all, the games I have seen in Multipacks are either tired old reworkings or clones of infinitely superior games.[/ontopic]
  10. My favorite game of all time...

    Oh My God. I've been searching for that game for such a stupidly long time. My friend had it when I first moved down to sunny Brighton and I played it all of three times. I was fascinated by the whole mechanic of it. It was like the contraptions that guy used to draw in MAD magazine. *teary eyed reminisence* If anyone would like to accept my firstborn child in return for a copy, with manual, of course, I'll start warming up the wife.
  11. Who thinks these game packs don't mix well?

    Either that or sell you three games you don't have any interest in at a knockdown bargain price, cos, "Hey! We've got a ton of these in the van and, sheeee... we can't shift em." But there is always someone that will go into the shop and think "I have all this money and no new games... Wouldn't it be awesome to get three new games and still have money for the pub? I don't like these games, or even know anything about them, but I have so much money, I'm going to buy them anyway. Then whinge about them as if I was really insulted by these cheap ass games put out by devs with no budget." True story. Personally, I've never bought one of those packs as I know I'd be better off without those games. I'd only ever play them once, then fashion henges out of the discarded boxes. Having said that, there aren't really many games on the near horizon that I'm waiting for, so who knows? What an ambiguous post.
  12. Doom Movie Trailer Out

    Aaah. Doom movie. OR: "Adventures in Blah". Not to be confused with Adventures in Babysitting mind. Which is awesome.