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  1. Did you post this in the wrong thread?
  2. Don't get me wrong, the world-weary humour of the new Prince was spot on, but that Drake's Fortune accent is just completely wrong for the setting. It would be like hiring Jake Gyllenhaal to play him in a mov...Oh, hang on! The Okami style rejuvenation looks good, though. Combined with the Parkour, this could become a really cool method of unlocking new areas and secrets.
  3. Half-Life - Advice needed

    Oops, sorry. I thought I had made it understood that I did have the crossbow in the scenario I described above.
  4. Half-Life - Advice needed

    So, I'm currently playing Half-Life for the first time ever(the FPS genre passed me by until quite recently) and I seem to have hit a brick wall. I'm in the level called 'Apprehension' in an area with a sea creature in the water below and a handy crossbow in the shark cage above. Now, if I'm lucky I do manage to score enough hits on the monster to kill it, a few seconds before I drown. The damn thing just moves too fast, what else should I be doing?
  5. Dr Who Xmas special

    I didn't think much of '42', really. It seemed a bit rushed.
  6. Dr Who Xmas special

    I get your point about the host. They just seemed to be a combination of the Ood and a much less scarier cousin to the Weeping Angels.
  7. Dr Who Xmas special

    And another thing:
  8. Dr Who Xmas special

    Just finished 25 minutes ago. A triumph as always. Did anyone else spot Sarah-Jane Smith and Alan Jackson in the teaser for the next series? (Or am I the only one here who'll admit to watching a kid's show. )
  9. Assassin's Creed LE

    Just received the real LE. The bonus disc is a DVD, but it does work on the 360.
  10. Assassin's Creed LE

    I've just looked at the US Limited Edition on play-asia, and it's shown as region-free. Would this apply to the Bonus Disc, do you think?
  11. Assassin's Creed LE

    Aha! GAME seem to be selling an actual CE, with the figurine. Doesn't seem to have the Penny Arcade comic or bonus disc though, which was something else I was looking forward to. Think I'll stop thinking about this until tomorrow, when I'm not suffering from sleep deprivation.
  12. Assassin's Creed LE

    I was looking forward to that Altair figure. To go with Kain and the Big Daddy. Believe it or not, I got it from, which Ubisoft themselves linked me to from their own shop. I take it that the actual Limited Edition isn't available here, then? Do they think we're not important enough? (Don't answer that, I already know they do.) EDIT: I've just looked at the Ubi site again, and it's looking weird. At the time I placed the order, there was a section about the LE. When you clicked 'Buy Now' it took you to the product. That section isn't there anymore, but it shows the regular version of the game, and it takes you to as well. However, if you follow the 'More Info' link, it will take you to the Official Assassin's Creed website. If you follow the purchase link from there it will lead you to a section of ubisoft's site that lets you buy the game from them. Another difference is the former purchase option shows a PEGI 16+, the latter PEGI 18+ and the game I received was BBFC 15+.
  13. Assassin's Creed LE

    WTF?! I mean, seriously, WTF?!? My pre-ordered Limited Edition of Assassin's Creed has arrived. Can't comment on the gameplay, as I've yet to start on it. But, I open this big tin case and what do I find inside? The game. And four(admittedly very nice) art cards. And a lot of air. Wasn't there supposed to be a whole lot more to it than that? I feel really ripped off now.
  14. I have to confess I have not played any of the Half-Life games. My experience of FPSs is limited to Halo. My brother might like this though, back when he played games, he was a big fan of Half-Life............... ......I think I've just figured out what to get him for Christmas!
  15. Okami

    Okami was long, but it was one of the few games I stuck with from beginning to end, without getting distracted by other games. EDIT: Which is more than can be said for many, much shorter games.