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  1. Intro Sequences in Games

    I seem to remember liking the opening scenes of Yoshi's Island on the Super Nintendo. That game was cool. I liked the whole cheesy stalk delivering the baby thing, and the atmospheric music lol. Well I have fond memories of it from when I was a kid anyway!
  2. Tell Us About Yourself

    My name's Chermilla and I'm a recovering alcoholic..... Nah, ok seriously. I'm an illustrator hoping to eventually become a conceptual artist (2D) in the games industry. I found out about this site from my friend Ben at work who helps run the site. I have an A-level, diploma and degree in art. I studied a BA Hons in Graphic design & Illustration at the surrey institute of Art & Design in Epsom. Currently I'm working as an assistant Lead tester at Sega, I've been there for a year now. I love my job and especially all the guys i work with!! I'm into Hip hop, Old skool heavy metal, Horrorcore and D&B. My favourite band at the mo is the Kottonmouth Kings. I also like extreme sports such as skate boarding, BMXing and motor cross. Gameswise I enjoy playing AAA and RPG titles mostly. Especially ones that involve some puzzle solving. I'm playing 'Prince of Persia, warrior within' now. Just completed 'the Suffering' recently too. Eagily awaiting the release of the new 'Zelda, twilight Princess'. I just got a copy of 'Blood will tell' from work too, so might start that after I've completed P.O.P. Coz I tested it for a few weeks and really liked it. Thats about it really!!