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  1. Resi 5

    There's so much to complain about in this game, but when it gets down to it, I'm just having fun playing (splitscreen coop). I wish they'd spent another month fixing the inventory problems and improving the pacing of some encounters, though.
  2. GDC Write-ups

    Cool, thanks Dan. Remo serves up some Clint Hocking: http://gamecareerguide.com/industry_news/22910/gdc_clint_hocking_on_.php
  3. GDC Write-ups

    Has anyone come across any good write-ups for talks at GDC? I mean write-ups that are juicy and in-depth and interesting if you actually want to learn about design, as opposed to the skin-deep consumer news site write-ups. Blog stuff, I guess, which makes it harder to find among the deluge of "Developer of last Christmas' popular game said this vaguely newsworthy thing!" (I'm trying to avoid sounding really lazy. I don't have any links to share. Yet? )
  4. Consolidation is good

    I think they will be required to do it, simply because shareholders will demand they continue growing the business and shareholders will simultaneously demand that they do not compete with themselves. When there are only 3 publishers, there can only be 3 WWII FPSs.
  5. Consolidation is good

    I used to be bothered by the intense consolidation that is currently doing the rounds in the industry. Recently I stumbled upon a perspective that helps me feel that it is in fact a good thing. See, the chat behind all of these consolidations is about competing in certain genres. Bioware was apparently a good fit for EA because it meant they could compete in the RPG genre, where they previously had no presence. Activision merged with Blizzard because they wanted a cash-printing MMO without the effort and risk of developing one from scratch. But quite soon, these publishers will be so big and so few that they will all have all their genres filled. Then what do you do when previously you had, say, one driving game team and one driving game franchise, and now you have multiple driving game teams but you only want/need to keep one driving game franchise? You tell the other team that if they want to keep their jobs, they need to come up with something new and exciting, and you give them the resources they need to go away and make it happen. (Let's ignore the obvious Need for Speed / Burnout counterpoint here, which makes driving games a bad example to choose.) So then, my assertion is that beyond a certain point in size, publishers will inevitably move away from risk-averse and towards innovation, because that is the only way they will be able to continue growing. And what is more, they are fast approaching that point (or perhaps they are already over that hill, with even EA embracing original IP). A lot of talented people who are currently slaving away on Overcrowded Genre Competition #32 will be off in exciting new pastures and we'll soon see a golden age of new ideas because of it. It's like Nintendo's new business philosophy, except it doesn't involve cheaply made mini-game collections.
  6. Lots o' stuff coming for those still playing TF2

    Given they are on the west coast, if your times are correct, I can't say I'd be too bitter about someone staying in work until 3am so I could have some stuff for free for my entertainment product.
  7. $t34md!

    Please tell me you did not accept that answer.
  8. $t34md!

    Ouch, good luck getting unbanned. I'd love to know how many staff Valve have to employ to deal with this shit. 97.5 hours in two weeks. I know Counter-Strike is addictive, but it's pretty impressive to manage 14 days of 7 hours a day. He could be so much more productive with his life, say, by joining WoW.
  9. Wii too wee?

    No one I know wants to make Wii games. I guess it's that whole "it's not next-gen!" shit - from an artist's perspective or a programmer's perspective, it isn't. It's what you've already been doing since 2000, and you're ready for something new. Spaff's point is solid - the crop of "oh shit we really missed the boat on this one" games should show up next Easter and then next Christmas. But it'll be interesting to see if the dev teams have been inspired to create awesome things, or if the publishers have said "oh it's a casual market, we needn't bother trying, so let's skimp on budget and dev time".
  10. Honesty & Integrity

    Re: your scenario, Ginger: I think the editor has already failed if he's put his site into a situation where it will fold if one single advertiser pulls out.
  11. Deus Ex 3!

    Yeah, I'm totally with Duncan on this one. The criticism is totally worthless. Be quiet and wait for release is the only credible stance; none of this "I speculate it will be like this, and I don't like what my imagination comes up with". It's like gaming self-harm in its extremity, proactively seeking out reasons to be miserable.
  12. Deus Ex 3!

    That's interesting as a strategy. It had certainly struck me that they were publicising it this loudly, this early, as part of a recruitment thing for the studio. If they weren't in Montreal, they'd stand a pretty good chance of getting an app from me within the next 6 months.
  13. PS3 or XBox 360?

    The debate is a bit stale and overworked, so I only have two contributions: 1) Everyone seems to be doing primary development on Xbox and then porting to PS3. You can go on any forum and find people who will argue with me on this, but I think this guarantees that the PS3 version is at best "as good as" the Xbox version. At worst, it's of lower quality (crappier frame rate) or released late (depending on company priorities). This is happening a lot this Christmas. 2) If you are willing, wait until after Christmas. The picture will be much clearer then. If the PS3 has a good Christmas, it has a good future. People will start developing for it more and more studios will use it as their primary development platform. If it has a bad Christmas, it's going to get fewer and fewer exclusive games and sloppier ports, so you may as well go Xbox (assuming you like the exclusives it has so far).
  14. Obviously, those are the assumptions and allusions that allow them to get away with this shit, earning the sympathies of the Daily Mail crowd, and which always turn out to be a pack of lies.
  15. Team Fortress 2 and Portal

    I'm scared. Tomorrow it gets released properly. Which means tomorrow, the barrier for entry is lowered from "credit card => over 18" to "mummy I want it, MUMMY I WANT IT". In-game chat has been so pleasant these past few weeks; the only thing that gets said are helpful words of advice. Every single game of Counter-Strike I've played in the last year has had someone insulting someone else within 10 minutes of me starting playing and a full on slagging match within 30. Please be nice. Please be nice, children.