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  1. PS3 to "KILL PC" also: it's not expensive enough.

    Not to mention sell you all the special-edition movies you bought on dvd all over again. But look, they're all sharp and sparkly, so I guess that's okay then Personally, I just don't think the market's ready for hd media anyway. Won't stop them from trying to force the issue though, but that doesn't necessarily mean it'll take hold anywhere outside of the more anal-retentive techie crowd. SACD or dvd-audio anyone?
  2. Contact for the DS

    Ooh, I'm just moving towards the end of case three now, so it's been bastardly edgeworth so far for the most part. I'm just savouring every moment of this one and taking my time, as it's one of the best games I've played in years. Look forward to seeing how it all pans out.
  3. Contact for the DS

    There's DS goodness whichever way you turn Also, DAMN YOU EDGEWORTH! Sorry, it's a reflex these days
  4. Well, more of an Irish show really, being written and performed by an almost entirely Irish cast and crew. [/national pride] And yeah, it's absolutely wonderful, I'd recommend it to anyone. The funniest part is, despite the insanely oddball characters, it's still very on the mark with regard to the national character, especially out in the sticks like where I am. Yes, I've really met people who get Mrs Doyle-level offended if you refuse a cup of tea.
  5. Contact for the DS

    Well, there's one out yet, at any rate... Still, should be interesting to see how these turn out, for sure
  6. Buy your own Video Game Development Team!

    200 grand for a machinima trailer? That's generous of 'em
  7. Gamelife Episode 3: somehow it still lives

    Just like the 'official' mags then And for the love of all that's good and pure, STOP ENCOURAGING THESE PEOPLE!
  8. Yes. Because we fear change
  9. Magazines

    I'm just an occasional reader of Edge, PC Gamer, Total Film, Empire, Q and NME here, although the new Official Nintendo mag's not too bad at all either (so far). Recently picked up a copy of OXM to see if it's really as heart-stoppingly awful as everyone says, and amazingly it's even worse, even great writers like Gary "UK:R" Cutlack can't save it. As a whole, games mags these days are just so utterly fucking useless I rarely bother reading them anymore.
  10. favorite tv shows

    Couldn't really be bothered splitting these into active and cancelled shows, but here's a few of my alltime faves as of now: Invader Zim Father Ted Battlestar Galactica Rome Urusei Yatsura Samurai Pizza Cats Buffy (fuck off, it's great ) Firefly Family Guy Animaniacs The Day Today/Brass Eye Spaced Quality stuff all
  11. Rockstar Table Tennis: Website, trailer

    Didn't consolevania do this gag already?
  12. Just how awesome is the DS Lite?

    Lovely though it may be, there's no way my poor student budget'll stretch to a slightly cuter version of something I already have. So it's a black casemod and phoenix wright for me, the lil' fella can wait a while
  13. Why the Hate on Metal Gear?

    Thanks for the tip, sounds like it could be worth another shot. MGS2 put me off the series completely, but this sounds more like it . I'll give it a try anyway.
  14. Why the Hate on Metal Gear?

    I hate Metal Gear It's just my opinion though of course, and should be taken as that. You're perfectly entitled to prove me wrong, I like a good argument anyway. There's a decent game in there somewhere, it's just with the hours and hours of cutscenes it can be hard to find it, and whoever thought spending a good chunk of the game staring at intercom screens would be a good way to spend the player's time should be lined up and shot against the nearest available wall. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed the original Metal Gear Solid despite its faults, and was fairly impressed getting into the first level or so or the sequel. But after that it started to go downhill pretty quickly for me, and I just couldn't get any enjoyment out of it anymore. It wasn't a Matrix Reloaded level of sheer "what have you DONE?" proportions, but it was pretty close. It just annoys me that PS mags rave about it like it's the second coming of gameplay, when really I think it's nothing all that special. I guess I tend to make my arguments against it stronger to balance out the people raving about it. It just pisses me off when games seem to exist as a means of delivering cutscenes, rather than the cinematics existing to enhance the gameplay. FFX was guilty of this too, as well as a few others.
  15. MMO gold farming spam gourmet

    Well, if that's the debate, then I nominate EverQuest for "first to the wall" status. I've never played a more unintuitive, mindlessly addictive (not to be confused with actually being enjoyable) waste of time, ever. I'm just glad I got a chance to try it free on a coverdisc instead of adding insult to injury and actually paying box price plus a monthly fee. Take everything that's bad about online games, wrap it up in beards and improbably-armoured breasts, and you have EQ.