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  1. Any (traditional) parades in games

    Also Final Fantasy VIII and and Final Fantasy XIII. But these aren't traditional parades so much as big spectacles that end in chaos (the best kind of parade, IMO).
  2. Resonance

    This is releasing June 19.
  3. She's supposed to be updating the page today to focus more on the one game and less on the subscription thing. Should make the parts people are getting hung up on clearer, hopefully.
  4. Bone Games

    The Bone CD bundle isn't available right now. To buy the download bundle for someone as a gift, place an order that only has that in it, and create a password that you don't mind sharing. Then give your friend the order number and password. She can download the demo versions from Telltale's website and convert them to the full versions by clicking "I've already purchased this" on the first game screen and entering the order number and password that you gave her. You could burn the setup files onto a CD along with the order number and password in a .txt file if you want to give her a physical gift.
  5. Sam & Max

    No, but I did have some audio problems until I turned up audio acceleration. Maybe try messing with your video acceleration? Also, does sound like it could be a processor issue as someone suggested. Try calling GameTap tech support. They have real, actual people iin Atlanta answering the phones (not outsourced to India!) The guy who answered my phone call was very helpful in getting my audio working right. I think that's just space that GameTap sets aside for saved games. The games are played from GameTap's server but saves are stored on your local machine. Could also be temp files from when you were running BG&E. I evaluated GameTap a few months ago for Adventure Gamers. Might give people an idea of what to expect. Of course, the article is written with a primarily AG-playing audience in mind... if you play other genres, it's a better value. Also the offerings have increased and the price gone down to $9.95 since then. With the new games, and Sam & Max and URU Live and the new price point, I'm thinking starting to look like a pretty good value even for people who only play adventure games. EDIT: Telltale's site's back up.
  6. Sam & Max

    Dave Grossman and Brendan Ferguson (who was a designer on Freelance Police at LucasArts).
  7. Bone Part Dos

    Yes, every CD order comes with a code to unlock the downloadable version.
  8. Bone Part Dos

    I can confirm that it's a big improvement over the first game, for various reasons. It's longer and the gameplay is more challenging. There are lots of little, non-essential things you can do that make the gameworld feel more immersive. The price has also been lowered to $12.99. (I recently started working at Telltale, but I'd be saying these things even if I didn't... in fact I did, long before I came to work here.) There hasn't been much press yet, but we should be seeing a lot of reviews in the next few days. Eurogamer did a review on Monday and they called it an improvement over the first game.
  9. The Sims

    That's funny. I had a sim who wanted to be saved from death once, for like 8,000 points. He could have really used the points but I was too chicken to try it. That's disturbing.
  10. The Sims

    In response to the original question, Sims 2 has a lot of stuff in the core game that Sims 1 didn't have until expansion packs came out (i.e. parties, community lots). They could have made Sims 2 as bare bones as Sims 1 and churned out the same old expansions, but they didn't, and I'm glad about that. You're lucky. This happened to my first Sim's only son, but he died. In my panic to try to restore to a point before he died, I pressed "yes" when I thought the game was asking if I wanted to quit without saving, when in fact it was asking if I wanted to save before quitting. His charred ghost still haunts me.
  11. Interactive hint games

    The CSI games have hints built in. And Future Boy! (which is great fun in spite of being a text game). The second Bone game is coming out soon, and it's promising to be longer and better than the first. (I really liked the first one, but some people complained about the length.) If you're going to wait until your exams are over anyway, you might want to start with that one.
  12. Excellent player feedback

    I wrote Crayola a letter about this when I was like 10. They wrote back that "Indian Red" was not a reference to a Native American person's skin, but to the color of paint they used on their teepees.