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  1. Interview Etiquette

    A thank you email. Courtesy goes a long way in today's day and age. Even if it's a person's job to interview you, everyone likes a little appreciation these days. Yes, you do thank them in person, but also when you send a thank you email, you're keeping your name fresh in the hiring manager's mind. And also, it's your way expressing interest in the position. It shows courtesy and professionalism. When you're interviewing with companies, they are going be interviewing not just you, but multiple people. What seperates you from everyone else if how you conduct yourself during the interview, the skill sets and your personality. (Plus anything that seperates candidate A from B for the manager) This lets you stand out from your competition (even if it's just a little thing)
  2. Interview Etiquette

    Yeah. I forgot to add that I'm a technical recruiter for a staffing agency. I think I have a little more of a clue when it comes to getting that J-O-B. Only a little bit though.
  3. Interview Etiquette

    I'm not sure what type of market you're refering to (US or UK), but this is what I will say. Generally, if you get a business card, I'm inclined to say yes, give them a Thank You email. For high level positions, I make my people write a quick thank you email and I forward that to the hiring manager. It's just professional courtesy and a way of showing your appreciation of having the other person take their time out to interview you. It doesn't have to be anything long or fancy, but rather something that expresses your interest and a way of saying "hey, I look forward to being a good addition to your company" (or something along those lines) In addition, when companies are interviewing people for positions, they are seeing if they are a good personality fit and have the right skills. They want to find someone they can work with in the long run and giving a thank you email is saying "hey, I can show appreciation but also understand professional etiquette" which translates to you having a general clue of how to act in the workplace. However - if you're in a more of an informal environment (like gamers versus financial industries, or heavily regulated companies), it won't be as important. Hope this helps!
  4. What's your favourite movie?

    I can't believe no one put: Shawshank Redemption Usual Suspects Also er. uh.. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Run Lola Run The Incredibles Amelie Harold and Kumar go to White Castle And almost anything with Kevin Spacey in it.
  5. Somebody donate me a PS2

    Yeah, whoa, it's me. I was in the same time zone as you guys for a while, but then I ran out of vacation time.
  6. Somebody donate me a PS2

    I've noticed that Spaff has yet to answer to this thread.
  7. Post You Pic Thread

    This is me with Stefan at Oktoberfest in SF. I was trying really hard to get him in pictures with alcohol. There was one where I wanted him to pose next to a huge bottle of Jagermeister, but he stood in front of the bottle. I was blocked! It's a scanned picture - hence the graininess of it.
  8. Serenity/Firefly

    Wow Savage, I'm waiting for your reference to looking at the lovely Inara, the handsome Malcolm, or the adorably cute Kaylee. It's not all about shooting scumbags and robbing trains, but the unforgettable character interactions and tongue in cheek humor.
  9. Is that 100% true? I mean, listening to Chinese Opera - it's a very unique art form and truth be told, very non-western. A cry is very dramatic and not very western at all. Actually I think Chinese Opera sounds very much like cats yowling at night. Don't tell my grandma that, she loves the stuff. The Guqin and the Erhu have very unique sounds and some of the "older" compositions I've heard tend to have very unique asian elements. Things such as note choice and tempo. These are instruments that are staples in Chinese soap operas displaying the olden days with Emperors and the like. The music is a bit cliched, yes, usually playing the same song, but they don't sound remotely classical or from the romantic period from what I can tell. For you guys who don't know the Erhu or Guqin, they're the main instruments used in olden day china kung fu movies. I was about to say "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", but Yo Yo Ma composed the entire soundtrack and he plays the cello. They're both string instruments, the Guqin being a plucking instrument and the Erhu is a bow instrument.
  10. Serenity/Firefly

    I don't know. Originally it was one person, but I bet with these type of things, once you start, you can't stop. I'd probably go into a killing rage or something. See? I'm a timebomb.
  11. Serenity/Firefly

    It's a her. And it's on - much killing will commence.
  12. Serenity/Firefly

    EDIT: My friend told me the wrong night. The screening was last night. Dammmmitt!!!! brb, must kill friend.
  13. Serenity/Firefly

    Update: A friend has given me her spot + 1 guest. I get to watch Serenity tonight at the Chinese Mann theater. (The one they always show in Hollywood clips). Woot! Right now, I'm dancing - inside.
  14. Serenity/Firefly

    There are many theories as to what Booker is, none that i want to hear about. I have yet to see Serenity and I have friends watching the screening at this very moment (jealousy fills me). Them not being like typical friends failed to tell me about a free screening in the area in time therefore I am NOT on the list. Sadness fills me.
  15. George Bush Doesn't Care about Black People

    He's a singer and a producer, a pretty prominent one in American R&B.